Transfer your Xero Personal account in minutes

Breaking up is hard to do

We've all been there, and we understand that moving on from another personal finance application can be inconvenient.

This is why we've made an import tool to save you time. We've also been creating features familiar to you, with much more to come.

We're here to stay

We've now been in the industry for over six years. Personal Finance is our core focus and we're constantly improving.

Your information is safe, and is still stored for you even if you opt to change to a Free subscription later on.

We're good listeners, too!

Get in touch any time! We have a responsive support team, and are here to help you get acclimatised to a new application.

We're confident that you'll find PocketSmith a rewarding change, and look forward to working with you.

See how we stack up

We're constantly updating PocketSmith to make it better for you.

Xero Personal PocketSmith
Bank account aggregation
Multi-currency (currency for each account)
Currency conversion
In progress
View sets of accounts together
Live bank feeds
Live feed auto-categorisation
Mortgage, loan and investment accounts
Transaction management
Manual imports
Labels and tagging
Easy-access saved searches
Email-style filters and rules
Categorise and track spending
Split expenses into different categories
Roll-up (overall) reporting
In progress
Flexible budgets (e.g. daily, weekly, quarterly, yearly)
Net worth
Integrates live feed accounts
Multiple loan accounts for an asset
Send expenses to Xero
Cash flow reporting
Cash flow projection
Daily projected future bank balances
What-if scenario modelling
Bill and Income Management
In progress
Schedule upcoming financial events
Daily historic and future closing balances

Ready to get a clear view of your money?