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Most personal finance software solutions only track your expenses. We go further by helping you plan for the future. You also get detailed features that will help you record your finances just the way you want it.

Use PocketSmith to make day-to-day decisions or to plan for your retirement.

Import transaction history from ANZ Money Manager

With our dedicated importer for ANZ Money Manager transactions, you'll be up and running with your data in PocketSmith in minutes. You'll see your finances in a completely new light.

Spending Trends

Understand your spending for each budgeted category over any time period. Quickly see how much you have left to spend and easily detect overspending. Nest your budgets, roll them up and drill down into categories.

Flexible budgeting

Weekly groceries, biweekly paychecks, quarterly bills. Tuesday to Tuesday, or every 15th. We don’t force you to budget monthly because we know your life is more interesting than that.

Track your memories

Use our killer search engine to find transactions. Attach labels, notes, photos and invoices to any transaction. Revisit details on bargains, recipes, car maintenance, big expensive buys, visits to the doctor and much more!

See your future

Take care of future you. Use our forecasting calendar to see daily projected bank balances, and test budgets you set. Fine tune your finances and hit your financial goals! Unlike YNAB, cash flow forecasting is a core feature.

Excellent customer service.

We're highly responsive and care about getting you in control of your money. If you need a little help or just want to learn more, please get in touch - we’ll get right back to you.

We support all major banks in Australia

Along with 153 other Australian banks and credit unions! See below for the full listing.

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