What is your Net Worth today?

Our personal net worth app allows you to measure your total financial performance across all accounts, assets and liabilities.

Track more than just cash

Keep tabs on property, investments and vehicles.

Link liabilities to assets

Link debts such as hire purchases, loans and mortgages to your assets.

See your Net Worth grow

Keep adjusting changes to the increasing values of your assets.

Pocketsmith makes it easy and enjoyable to track my spending and see where I can make more savings. It's an invaluable tool!

Tara, New Zealand

The best net worth tracker app

Track multiple bank accounts.

Keep track of all your financial accounts in one place so you can see your entire net worth picture at a glance. Our net worth tracker makes it easy to keep track of multiple bank accounts, even across different currencies.

Keep track of financial accounts.

Measuring personal capital growth is key to keeping your financial health on track and a cornerstone of solid retirement planning. Whether your focus is on reducing credit card debt or growing your retirement accounts, having a simple way to track your net worth lets you see how you're moving against your targets. A net worth tracker makes it easier to get a feel for the relationship between your monthly income and cash flow and how these impact your net worth goals. Net worth tracking is key to building a successful investment portfolio and achieving long-term financials goals.

Calculate net worth across your whole portfolio effortlessly.

Bank accounts, investment accounts, Exchange Traded Funds, car loans, emergency funds - the more complex your finances get, the harder it becomes to keep track of everything. Keep an eye on all your assets in one place and eliminate the time and mess involved in trying to track your net worth in a spreadsheet.

Beautiful reports.

PocketSmith organizes your financial history into powerful reports and visual dashboards. Meaning you can keep up with your money at a glance.

We’ll grow with you.

We’ve built the most customizable money calendar, budget tracker and net worth tool on the market. Whatever your plans, PocketSmith will rise to the challenge and grow with you.

Excellent customer service.

We’re highly responsive and care about getting you in control of your money, so if you need a little help or just want to learn more, please get in touch.

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