Dashboard hits prime-time with better mobile support
Update · 17 Nov

We’ve released some changes which makes it easier to view web application dashboards tailored for your phone.

You can now create a mobile-specific dashboard with a single column of widgets, customized as needed. Once you’re done, navigate to the Dashboard on your phone (selecting “remember me” when you log in), choose the Dashboard and “Add to Home screen” for easy access to your mobile dashboard into the future. This will help see you through until we add full Dashboard support on the native mobile apps.

With this release, we’ve also pushed the new Dashboard into prime-time, with the older dashboard now called the legacy dashboard. More updates are coming soon!

Basiq CDR open banking feeds now released in Australia
Update · 28 Oct

We’re happy to announce that all Basiq open banking feeds in Australia have now been enabled. These are all available via the regular feed search in PocketSmith, and are denoted by the “Open Banking” tag that appears to the right of each search result.

While everything is working well for the majority of customers, CDR open banking data sharing is still a fairly new concept. As a result, some banks still struggle to supply data reliably and completely. Please send us an email if you experience any problems, and we’ll be happy to look into the issue.

Import your MoneyBrilliant data into PocketSmith in a jiffy
New feature · 26 Oct

We’ve launched an importer for data exported from MoneyBrilliant, who have recently announced that they’re closing down the service over the next 6 weeks.

The data exports from MoneyBrilliant are in Excel format, and contain a lot of information - accounts, transactions, budgets and categories. Our importer can slurp up all this information and get your PocketSmith account set up with the data in minutes.

Further information on this soon, but for the moment you can check it out over at https://my.pocketsmith.com/setup/money_brilliant.

Progress on open banking feeds in Australia via Basiq
News · 5 Oct

We’re nearing the full release for open banking feeds in Australia, with our new data partner Basiq. You can already add open banking feeds for Macquarie, Up, Ubank (ex-86400) and HSBC yourself, via the add feed search form.

People who get in touch are also able to migrate to using open banking feeds as well - so please send us an email if you’d like to switch.

As we learn about the nature of Australian CDR open banking feeds, we’re updating our Learn Center article with details. If you’re interested in some background reading, you can find all the details on our blog.

Transaction search form date ranges are now relative to today
Update · 4 Oct

When searching for transactions between date periods, the selectable date ranges are now always relative to today.

In the past, date periods were stored as at a fixed point in time - when the saved search was created. Now, the date periods change on an ongoing basis, as time moves forward. For example, this means a saved search for transactions from “last week” will always return transactions from the week before the current week, even if the search is saved.

New rolling date periods available in date pickers
Update · 22 Sep

All date pickers throughout PocketSmith have been updated to include new rolling date period options. You can now choose rolling week, rolling month, or rolling year options, which change with today’s date. So for example, if it’s September 22 today, “rolling month” would select dates between August 23 until September 22.

Transactions column widget released
New feature · 8 Sep

A new widget has been released for the Dashboard, a transactions column widget! This is an extremely flexible widget that can be used in many ways, to present the total sum of transactions across a date period as a column chart.

Category sankey diagram widget released
New feature · 12 Aug

A new banner widget has been released for the dashboard, a category sankey diagram. These diagrams depict the flow of values between heirarchical structures, which makes it particularly good for showing how money flows from parent category to children categories. Super useful if you’ve got a good set of nested categories. You can even export the diagram to an image for sharing!

New account linking interface released
Update · 10 Aug

An updated user interface for linking feed accounts has been released, moving away from the two-step process for linking feed accounts to PocketSmith after a feed has been connected. It’s now easier to choose between linking existing accounts to feed accounts, or create new accounts from the feed. More cues are provided to guide you through the process, which is especially important if you’re moving feeds between data providers!

Account Summary now shows account number in the clear
Update · 8 Aug

A small change here - PocketSmith no longer hides the account number behind an information icon on the Account Summary page. Account numbers have become much more important since the Account Summary was built in 2014, so we’ve brought it to the fore.

The information icon still exist, but only to be clicked on to see all balances for accounts within a group (as per the screenshot below).

Advance Australia Fair: Open Banking Access Incoming With Basiq
Update · 4 Aug

The march of progress is upon us! We’re very happy to announce that we’re currently integrating with new data provider Basiq in Australia. Through them, we’ll be getting access to open banking feeds for all banks in Australia as they come online, and reliable traditional feeds in the interim. Read more »

Rollover Budgeting: A Clearer Picture
Update · 27 Jun

Rollover budgeting can now be visualized in much more detail than before, providing a clear picture on the state of your budgets. Software engineer Mike runs us through the new improvements to PocketSmith’s rollover budgeting feature. Read more »

Happy Holidays! New PocketSmith Features to Fill Your Stockings
New feature · 23 Dec, 2021

While reflecting on the changes released during 2021, we ended up striking upon a couple of new features that will make a lot of users’ lives easier. Read on for details on how you can now perform math operations in key number fields in the application, and also filter through your financial events in the Calendar. But first, a quick recap. Read more »

PocketSmith's Brand New Main Menu
Update · 5 Dec, 2021

PocketSmith has a new main menu! Topline features are just a single click away, and organization of key secondary features and settings into menu groups makes everything more accessible. Check out the intuitive design and let us know your thoughts. Read more »

Tracking Balance Changes for Accounts Without Transactions
New feature · 31 Oct, 2021

You can now automatically track balances over time for non-transactional accounts! Build a rich balance history for accounts without typical transactions, like passive investments, to give you deeper insights into your money. Check out how you can enable this new setting for each account (tl;dr: Account Summary > Manage Account > Other settings > Track balance changes). Read more »

It's Here! Launching Data Connections
New feature · 7 Sep, 2021

After months of testing with a wonderful group of users, we’re happy to announce that Data Connections is ready for primetime. It’s time for you to dive in and experience the upgrade first-hand! Read more »

Category percentages now available on the Income & Expense Statement
New feature · 10 May, 2021

You can now see the percentage of the total for each category in the Income & Expense Statement!

This is an exciting new method of analysis for the Income and Expense Statement, and we wanted to make it as useful as possible without impacting the clarity of the page. To that end, we’ve added the ability to toggle this feature on and off easily from the sidebar.

You’ll see a sidebar setting labeled “Show percentage of total” - switch this on, and the percentage figure will appear next to both the budgeted and actual columns. This setting will be remembered in your browser, so the next time you come back to this page it’ll be how you last left it.

Timeline for Data Connections release
News · 12 Apr, 2021

Update June 4: want to get into the public beta? Please send us an email to [email protected], and we’ll sort it out!

  • April 29: Limited public beta. Hand-selected alpha users will be contacted for testing.
  • May 3 or 10: Public beta. Everyone can opt-in to data connections via Beta Settings.
  • May 17: Sunrise. All users are encouraged to migrate to data connections.
  • May 26: Sunset. Everyone will be migrated, and will need to set up bank feeds on data connections.
  • While we don’t foresee any changes to this timeline, things might still change. Thanks for your time and feedback during the public alpha period. If you’ve any questions, please get in touch!

    Spruce up of the Income and Expense Statement released
    Update · 12 Apr, 2021

    In addition to the updates a couple of weeks ago, we’ve just released some design improvements to the Income and Expense Statement. Overall this page is now clearer and delivers more information within the available real estate. It also features a fixed header too, so you’ll never lose focus. Rows within the budget popup can now be clicked, to edit that instance of the budget - so quick changes are much easier!

    All up, these recent changes have drastically improved our own financial calm when using the Income and Expense Statement. We hope they have the same effect for you!

    Six improvements for the Income and Expense Statement released
    Update · 1 Apr, 2021

    We’ve launched a range of improvements for the Income and Expense Statement over the past week. These include:

    1. a column showing the difference between budgeted and actual figures
    2. row sorting using the column headers
    3. a search box with a text filter rows are displayed
    4. show a popup with relevant budgets when you click on a "Budgeted" number
    5. provide a three-dot menu for quick access to budgets for the category row
    6. being able to export the Income and Expense Statement into CSV or XSLX format

    This feature will be receiving another update in the next couple of weeks too, so keep your eyes peeled!

    Join the Data Connections public alpha!
    Feature in beta · 18 Feb, 2021

    We’ve been rebuilding the technology that connects PocketSmith to banks, improving feed reliability and the experience of managing bank feeds. Get some insight into the rebuild on the Path to PocketSmith Data Connections post on our blog.

    And now, Data Connections is ready for its first showing, moving into the public alpha phase. You can now play with Data Connections in a sandboxed environment, helping us get any kinks ironed out before it is released into beta.

    To find out more about the public alpha, check out the blog post The Data Connections Public Alpha. If you’d like to jump right in, send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you the required access details.

    New histogram on the Transactions page
    New feature · 27 Jan, 2021

    We have added a new chart to the Transactions page to help you analyze your transactions. It allows you to see the transaction totals for a daily, weekly, or monthly period for your current search, along with the averages over the selected time range. Just click the histogram icon on the upper right of the chart to switch to the transactions histogram.

    Share PocketSmith with Tell-a-Friend and earn rewards
    New feature · 21 Dec, 2020

    If you ever wanted to share PocketSmith with friends and family, this is now possible with the new Tell-a-Friend feature!

    Tell-a-Friend gives you a unique link to share with people, which will give them a 30-day trial of the Premium subscription. If they decide to sign up to paid subscription at the end of their trial, you’ll get 30-days added to your own paid subscription or if on the Basic plan, a 30-day trial as well.

    You can find out more about Tell-a-Friend in our blog post or the user guide.

    Use the calendar to view your account balances in the mobile app
    New feature · 19 Nov, 2020

    Another much-requested feature has been brought to the mobile app!

    You can now view the balances for your accounts on any day in the past or future with the calendar. This includes both the actual and forecast balances for the past and forecast balances for the future.

    Just tap on a day on the calendar, select the Balances option, and the balances for that day will be shown below.

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