The best Xero alternative for your personal accounting needs

PocketSmith is the only personal finance software recommended by Xero as an alternative to its now discontinued Xero Personal. If you have tried using Xero for your personal finances, you will love PocketSmith. We are tailored for home use with calendar-based budget tracking, asset and net worth management and up to 30-year cashflow forecasting.

Automatic live bank feeds

Like Xero Personal, save time and connect your personal accounts from over 12,000 financial institutions in 49 countries to easily see where your money is going.

Easy cashflow forecasts

Create cash projections with ease using our calendar view. PocketSmith does the heavy lifting and calculations for you.

Advisor access

Invite your financial advisor, accountant or family member to access your account. Like Xero for personal use, this is home accounting software for the household CFO.

Excellent customer service

We're highly responsive and care about getting you in control of your money, so if you need a little help or just want to learn more, please get in touch.

Cloud-based and global

Do you have accounts and credit cards at different banks? Or different countries? Load up all your accounts with PocketSmith, and get up-to-date currency conversion information for your international account balances.

Your info is safe and secure

Your data is safe with us. It's encrypted in transit and at rest, and you're not required to share personally-identifying information with us. Read more about our security practices. Read more about our security practices.

More than just a great alternative to Xero Personal

We are a slightly geekier variant of Xero Personal, and have all the features that Xero Personal offered, but with so much more.

With PocketSmith you can store, categorize, filter and search your transaction history as well as make budgets to track and understand your spending.

PocketSmith offers multiple customizable reporting options to suit your unique set of circumstances. You can forecast your consolidated cashflows in a calendar up to 30 years into the future, drill down into the details of your spending in a Trends report, or see the bigger picture with our Income & Expense Statement. Easily share your information by exporting to CSV, XLSX or granting access to your partner or advisor.

You ask, we answer

Can I use Xero for personal finances?

Perhaps, but Xero is optimized for your business requirements and might not have the features you need for your personal finances. That is why Xero recommends PocketSmith as the best alternative to Xero Personal to be your personal budget manager.

I’m looking for personal accounting software similar to Xero Personal. How does PocketSmith compare?

PocketSmith is the only personal finance software recommended by Xero as the alternative to its discontinued Xero Personal product. Keen to find out more about the benefits of using home accounting software for household budgeting? Read why PocketSmith is Accountant and Comic Artist Sam Harith’s go-to money management tool!

Is PocketSmith a web app, mobile app or both?

PocketSmith is cloud-based desktop personal finance software with a mobile companion app. Our iOS and Android budgeting app is designed to provide you with the key elements of PocketSmith right there in your pocket. So you can achieve your money goals while you do what you do best — live your life!

Can I use PocketSmith for Cash-flow forecasting?

Absolutely. PocketSmith lets you create cashflow projections in minutes, so you can see your daily bank balances up to 30 years into the future. Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and plot your financial future in an intuitive calendar format, and visualize it all in a balance forecast graph.

Can I use PocketSmith to create custom budgets?

We pride ourselves on creating leading budgeting software that allows individuals and households to create budgets unique to their situation. Whatever stage of life you’re at, we’ll help you get control over your money.

What is PocketSmith?

PocketSmith is world-class personal finance software that lets you manage your money, your way. Made right here in NZ, PocketSmith suits Kiwis from all walks of life. Track your income, expenses, assets and net worth, customize your budgets, forecast your cashflow up to 30 years into the future, and see it all in a nifty calendar view.

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