Hello, fans of Xero Personal

Like you, we were surprised to hear that Xero Personal will be winding down in November 2014. While this does mean one less competitor in the PFM (Personal Financial Manager) space, it's never nice to hear of a global Kiwi product taken off the shelves.

Regardless, it is this ability make difficult decisions that will see Xero's continued growth in the years to come, and as Xero users ourselves we agree that their core focus should stay where it is.

In the meantime, we thought we'd let you know that we intend to be there for current Xero Personal customers, providing an easy migration, usability and features you are used to and some bonus extras that come from us being specialists in the area.

A bit about us

PocketSmith is an NZ-made personal finance application, founded in Dunedin, New Zealand in June 2008. We are focussed mainly overseas, with 70% of our customers residing in the US, and the rest spread out over 180 countries. Most of our US customers have migrated from the free Mint.com, which is dominant in the USA, as they find that our paid product offering has more advanced features that they need.

We are also licensed by America's biggest employee assistance provider, Workplace Options LLC to provide a PFM for their end users.

We aggregate accounts from over 12,000 financial institutions worldwide (and growing) and support all major banks in New Zealand including BNZ (we worked on that one).

What we do

We are a slightly geekier variant of Xero Personal, and we are working towards simplifying things so that the powerful features are there, but are also easy to use.

We let you store, categorise and find your transactions; we let you make budgets; we help you keep your finances on-track. The ace up our sleeve is that we also forecast your daily future bank balances, up to 30 years ahead (cashflow projection). This gives you the understanding of where you'll be financially at any point in the future, so you have the ability to make the best decisions today.

We also let you schedule your upcoming financial activity in a calendar mode, which lets you interact with your money in a more natural manner.

From a feature perspective, our focus and our goal is to be the premier personal financial management tool, and the logical next step up from Mint.com, and now Xero Personal.

We'll be ready for you!

We're not there right now, but we have been working towards a simple landing for Xero Personal and Mint.com customers for most of this year. We also have many exciting features in development that we know you'll love. PocketSmith is nearing its 3rd major iteration now, and our constant upgrades have been in direct response to user feedback.

So please don't despair. The guys and girls at Xero do care about you, and we'll also work hard to ensure a seamless transition and great customer support. In the meantime, we'll be focusing on the necessary renovations to ensure that you'll feel at home.

In the meantime, come and check us out! If you'd like to test migrate your data, we have a step-by-step guide for you. We'll be making this better over the coming weeks as we better understand how to make the process more efficient. In the meantime, we'll keep you posted as to our progress, so check this page and we'll tell you when we are ready.

Talk soon,

The Team at PocketSmith



See how we stack up

We're constantly updating PocketSmith to make it better for you.

Xero Personal PocketSmith
Bank account aggregation
Multi-currency (currency for each account)
Currency conversion
View sets of accounts together
Live bank feeds
Live feed auto-categorisation
Mortgage, loan and investment accounts
Transaction management
Labels and tagging
Saved searches
Multi-criteria rules (by merchant, partial text match, amount, date, and more)
Categorize and track spending
Split expenses into different categories
Customisable main and sub-categories
Flexible budgets (e.g. daily, weekly, quarterly, yearly)
Net worth
Integrates live feed accounts
Multiple loan accounts for an asset
Send expenses to Xero
Cash flow reporting
Cash flow projection
Daily projected future bank balances
What-if scenario modelling
Schedule future budgets
Daily historic and future closing balances