It's Here! Launching Data Connections
New feature · 7 Sep, 2021

After months of testing with a wonderful group of users, we’re happy to announce that Data Connections is ready for primetime. It’s time for you to dive in and experience the upgrade first-hand! Read more »

Category percentages now available on the Income & Expense Statement
New feature · 10 May, 2021

You can now see the percentage of the total for each category in the Income & Expense Statement!

This is an exciting new method of analysis for the Income and Expense Statement, and we wanted to make it as useful as possible without impacting the clarity of the page. To that end, we’ve added the ability to toggle this feature on and off easily from the sidebar.

You’ll see a sidebar setting labeled “Show percentage of total” - switch this on, and the percentage figure will appear next to both the budgeted and actual columns. This setting will be remembered in your browser, so the next time you come back to this page it’ll be how you last left it.

Timeline for Data Connections release
News · 12 Apr, 2021

Update June 4: want to get into the public beta? Please send us an email to [email protected], and we’ll sort it out!

  • April 29: Limited public beta. Hand-selected alpha users will be contacted for testing.
  • May 3 or 10: Public beta. Everyone can opt-in to data connections via Beta Settings.
  • May 17: Sunrise. All users are encouraged to migrate to data connections.
  • May 26: Sunset. Everyone will be migrated, and will need to set up bank feeds on data connections.
  • While we don’t foresee any changes to this timeline, things might still change. Thanks for your time and feedback during the public alpha period. If you’ve any questions, please get in touch!

    Spruce up of the Income and Expense Statement released
    Update · 12 Apr, 2021

    In addition to the updates a couple of weeks ago, we’ve just released some design improvements to the Income and Expense Statement. Overall this page is now clearer and delivers more information within the available real estate. It also features a fixed header too, so you’ll never lose focus. Rows within the budget popup can now be clicked, to edit that instance of the budget - so quick changes are much easier!

    All up, these recent changes have drastically improved our own financial calm when using the Income and Expense Statement. We hope they have the same effect for you!

    Six improvements for the Income and Expense Statement released
    Update · 1 Apr, 2021

    We’ve launched a range of improvements for the Income and Expense Statement over the past week. These include:

    1. a column showing the difference between budgeted and actual figures
    2. row sorting using the column headers
    3. a search box with a text filter rows are displayed
    4. show a popup with relevant budgets when you click on a "Budgeted" number
    5. provide a three-dot menu for quick access to budgets for the category row
    6. being able to export the Income and Expense Statement into CSV or XSLX format

    This feature will be receiving another update in the next couple of weeks too, so keep your eyes peeled!

    Join the Data Connections public alpha!
    Feature in beta · 18 Feb, 2021

    We’ve been rebuilding the technology that connects PocketSmith to banks, improving feed reliability and the experience of managing bank feeds. Get some insight into the rebuild on the Path to PocketSmith Data Connections post on our blog.

    And now, Data Connections is ready for its first showing, moving into the public alpha phase. You can now play with Data Connections in a sandboxed environment, helping us get any kinks ironed out before it is released into beta.

    To find out more about the public alpha, check out the blog post The Data Connections Public Alpha. If you’d like to jump right in, send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you the required access details.

    New histogram on the Transactions page
    New feature · 27 Jan, 2021

    We have added a new chart to the Transactions page to help you analyze your transactions. It allows you to see the transaction totals for a daily, weekly, or monthly period for your current search, along with the averages over the selected time range. Just click the histogram icon on the upper right of the chart to switch to the transactions histogram.

    Share PocketSmith with Tell-a-Friend and earn rewards
    New feature · 21 Dec, 2020

    If you ever wanted to share PocketSmith with friends and family, this is now possible with the new Tell-a-Friend feature!

    Tell-a-Friend gives you a unique link to share with people, which will give them a 30-day trial of the Premium subscription. If they decide to sign up to paid subscription at the end of their trial, you’ll get 30-days added to your own paid subscription or if on the Basic plan, a 30-day trial as well.

    You can find out more about Tell-a-Friend in our blog post or the user guide.

    Use the calendar to view your account balances in the mobile app
    New feature · 19 Nov, 2020

    Another much-requested feature has been brought to the mobile app!

    You can now view the balances for your accounts on any day in the past or future with the calendar. This includes both the actual and forecast balances for the past and forecast balances for the future.

    Just tap on a day on the calendar, select the Balances option, and the balances for that day will be shown below.

    Custom Dashboards Feature Preview is Live!
    New feature · 30 Oct, 2020

    You can now preview new custom dashboards for web! If you’re a beta user, you would have seen the link in the Dashboard toolbar to give it a try over the past few months. Now, everyone will see this link on the right hand side of the current Dashboard.

    Read all about custom dashboards on our blog and get into the nitty-gritty in the Learn Center.

    Application downtime for maintenance, scheduled for Sep 30, 10:00 - 10:30 UTC
    Downtime · 29 Sep, 2020

    In order to perform server maintenance, PocketSmith will be offline for up to 30 minutes on Wednesday, 30 September, at 10:00 UTC. See for when this is in your timezone.

    We apologise for the inconvenience this downtime causes. We will be posting to our status page at throughout the scheduled maintenance, so please keep an eye on that for updates as they occur. Thanks for your patience!

    Updated desktop apps to v0.3
    Update · 4 Sep, 2020

    We have updated the PocketSmith desktop apps so that the underlying framework is up-to-date. The app is also now notarized with Apple, so you will no longer receive warnings when installing the application on macOS.

    You can download the new desktop version at

    To learn more about the desktop apps, have a look at this guide in our learn center:
    PocketSmith Desktop Apps.

    Rollover budgeting is now in beta. Try it out!
    Feature in beta · 21 Aug, 2020

    Our most requested feature is now ready for you to try!

    Many of you have asked us to add rollover budgeting, and after over three years of work, we are ready to share this with you.

    To understand how you can use our new rollover budgeting feature, check out this post, which explains our implementation’s power: Rollover budgeting in PocketSmith, now in beta.

    Once you understand how it can be used, start creating some rollover budgets in your own PocketSmith account with the help of this guide: Rollover budgeting.

    New balance graph widget and screen in the mobile apps
    New feature · 9 Apr, 2020

    We’ve added a balance graph to the mobile dashboard! This handy widget allows you to see your actual and forecast balances.

    Tapping on the widget takes you to a more detailed balance screen, where you can view a breakdown of your balances by account, drag the graph slider see your balances at a particular date, and compare actual and forecast balance amounts.

    Use the filter icon to adjust the date range and include or exclude individual accounts.

    Application downtime for maintenance, scheduled for Mar 26, 11:00 - 11:30 UTC
    Downtime · 25 Mar, 2020

    In order to perform server maintenance, PocketSmith will be offline for up to 30 minutes on Thursday, 26 March, at 11:00 UTC. See for when this is in your timezone.

    We apologise for the inconvenience this downtime causes. We will be posting to our status page at throughout the scheduled maintenance, so please keep an eye on that for updates as they occur. Thanks for your patience!

    Setup reminders to check your budgets and categorise your transactions
    New feature · 18 Mar, 2020

    Don’t let budgets and uncategorised transactions get away on you! PocketSmith reminders are here.

    Keep on top of important tasks in PocketSmith, at a time that works for you. Learn how to set up mobile and email reminders in the following guide: Scheduling Reminders in PocketSmith.

    Detailed popup for budget and bill events on the Calendar
    Update · 20 Feb, 2020

    We have added a new popup for budgets and bills on the calendar page to make it easier to see relevant details, including an analysis for budgets, or payment status for bills.

    When you hover over a budget event, more details for the budget period will show, including the days remaining in the budget period and the total of relevant transactions. Bills will additionally show whether the bill is upcoming, has been paid, or is overdue.

    Bulk actions now available while confirming transactions
    Update · 9 Jan, 2020

    It is now possible to confirm and edit multiple transactions while in the ‘Awaiting confirmation’ transaction listing.

    There are now checkboxes for each transaction when confirming them. Ticking a checkbox next to transactions will show new options in the toolbar to edit or confirm the selected transactions.

    Search transactions by currency code
    Update · 7 Jan, 2020

    You can now search for transactions by currency code, if you have transactions in multiple currencies. At the bottom of the transaction search criteria form, there is a new currency option, if applicable. From there, you can choose one or more currency codes that you’d like to filter your transactions by.

    Calendar with budgets added to the mobile apps
    New feature · 20 Nov, 2019

    We have brought the calendar to our mobile apps!

    This first release of the calendar allows you to view the budget events for a selected day. It is currently read-only so budgets are not able to be edited, however more updates will be coming soon.

    Added Salt Edge bank feed integration for EU and UK accounts
    New feature · 31 Oct, 2019

    We have restored the ability for users with accounts in the European Union and United Kingdom to have bank feeds, by using a new bank feed provider - Salt Edge.

    We found out at a very late stage that our existing bank feed provider Yodlee wasn’t going to be able to provide us with bank feeds in the EU and UK past the PSD2 deadline of 14 September 2019, as detailed in this post.

    Since learning of this, we have been hard at work trying to find solutions for easily importing of transactions for EU and UK accounts. Luckily, we found that Salt Edge provided a solution that was able to work within PSD2 regulations and we have been hurriedly integrating this into PocketSmith.

    We have just released the Salt Edge integration and you can find out how to set this up for your EU and UK accounts with the following guide: Salt Edge: UK & EU bank feeds.

    Dark mode and budget widget for the mobile apps
    New feature · 28 Oct, 2019

    The latest release of the mobile apps for Android and iOS includes a new favorite budget widget for the dashboard. With this budget widget, you can choose what categories budgets you want to quickly see on your dashboard.

    We have also added dark mode to the apps. This can automatically change based on your system setting in Android 10 and iOS 13, or you can change it manually from the app.

    Multi-currency enhancements
    Update · 17 Oct, 2019

    As we continue towards getting multi-currency out of beta, we have improved multi-currency support in a few different areas.

    The Transaction and Timeline pages now respects the ‘Show in base currency’ option.

    The Auto-budget tool will correctly convert between currencies.

    The ‘Recent activity’ and ‘Your next 7 days’ Dashboard widgets now show the correct currencies.

    The Digest email now shows correctly converted amounts.

    The converted amount to the base currency has been added to the exported transaction file.

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