Transaction date now the default for bank feed transactions
Update · 22 Jun, 2023

All new bank feed accounts created after today will default to using the transaction / card swipe date for transactions, instead of the posted date, when possible.

The transaction date is the date that you actually transacted, whereas the posted date is when the bank actually processes the transaction. Often these are the same date, but sometimes - for example on weekends - it can take a few days for the transaction to post / process.

In cases where this data is available to us (and it’s not in all cases, especially for open banking feeds), it’ll mean that your dates in PocketSmith are far more likely to match the dates seen in your banking apps, and also results in better alignment for spending inside budget periods too.

Older accounts can have this optioned turned on for them as well, just get in touch and we can activate this for you!

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