Gift PocketSmith to a friend
New feature · 30 Dec, 2016

We’ve often been asked if gift subscriptions can be bought for friends and family, and now we’ve got you covered!

You can now buy Premium and Super gift subscriptions that run for a month, 3 months or a year. A gift subscription is a one-off purchase, so you won’t be charged again when the subscription rolls over. A great gift for lots of occasions!

Subscriptions can be bought at Give the gift of PocketSmith and share your secret to financial prowess!

Timeline: A journal guided by your spending activity
New feature · 29 Dec, 2016

Say hello to Timeline!

PocketSmith lets you track your memories with your purchases, and Timeline is a curated display of your transactions that contain notes, photos and attachments.

Get started by adding notes, photos, and documents to your transactions. PocketSmith is useful for recording details on bargains, recipes, car maintenance issues, big expensive buys, visits to the doctor, dining experiences and much more!

Visit your Timeline (under the Accounts menu) to start seeing the experiences behind your purchases. Reflect on your spending and understand your relationship with your money.

Friendly weekly digest email delivered to your inbox!
New feature · 28 Dec, 2016

For the last 4 days of 2016, we’re going to introduce a new feature to you each day!

So today, we present a friendly weekly email. This lets you know how much you’ve earned, spent and saved for the past week, as well as giving you a reminder about uncategorised transactions. It’s a mini version of your Digest, delivered to your inbox!

You can subscribe to this new email from Settings > User Preferences > Email notifications, check it out now!

Seasons Greetings from the PocketSmith team!
News · 23 Dec, 2016

Thanks to all of you for another great year! It’s been a big one, with many feature improvements as well as additions to our team. We’ve been hard at work and 2017 will be the best one yet. We can’t wait to tell you all about what we’ve released recently, and what is coming in the new year. In the meantime we love you, stay safe, and Happy Holidays!

Brand new iOS app launched
News · 20 Nov, 2016

We’re happy to announce that PocketSmith has a brand new iOS application in the App Store! This has been redesigned and rebuilt from an earlier beta that makes the application more performant and futureproofed.

As a result, the in-app user experience has been vastly improved. Budget reporting is also included in this version, so you can check your current budgets on the move. Head to the App Store directly here, or just search for “pocketsmith” and grab the new app now!

Android users: we haven’t forgotten you, and are hard at work on the Android app! Half of the PocketSmithers are Android users too, and we’re waiting with bated breath. As with iOS, are working to release a revamped app that will run much better. In the meantime, you can download a beta version on the Play Store.

Transfers are now found automatically
New feature · 16 Nov, 2016

We’ve released a new feature which automatically detects transfer transactions as they’re imported into PocketSmith. This means that for the most part, you’ll no longer need to mark transfers manually to ensure income and expense reporting is accurate.

More details can be found about how automatic transfer detection works here. We hope that this change makes managing transfers easier for you!

Attach files and photos to transactions
New feature · 11 Nov, 2016

You can now store files and photos against your transactions in PocketSmith! Use it to attach photos to record memories of transactions, or attach PDFs of your utility bills for your historical records.

Just click on a transaction from the Transactions view, and click on the photo or attach icon to upload!

PocketSmith offline for maintenance, 10am NZT, Oct 28 / 2pm PDT, 9pm UTC, Oct 27
Downtime · 26 Oct, 2016

Critical security patches to our servers require that PocketSmith servers are taken offline, for up to 30 minutes. We will be performing this maintenance at 10am NZT on Friday 28 October / 2pm PDT, 9pm UTC on Thursday 27 October.

We expect that we will be offline for less than 30 minutes, however we’ll still allow for a full 30 minutes of downtime. We’ll be posting progress to as we go, so keep an eye our for updates!

New budget analysis near release
Update · 11 Oct, 2016

Over 1000 customers have logged in since we started the new budget analysis beta. Thanks to these wonderful people, we’ve fixed bugs and made many improvements.

We’re nearing the initial release of the new budgeting page, and so we’d love your help in giving things a final go-over. Please take this opportunity to take a peek at, it’ll be the last chance before the first phase of this feature goes live.

We appreciate everyone who has taken a look so far, please stay tuned for updates!

New Income & Expense export: Transaction report
New feature · 26 Aug, 2016

We’ve introduced a new export option for the Income & Expense Statement. This is a downloadable CSV or Excel spreadsheet which lists all transactions within each displayed category for the given date range and selected account. You can find this now in the toolbar on the Income & Expense Statement page.

Bill reminder emails now in beta
Feature in beta · 19 Aug, 2016

PocketSmith can now send you a scheduled email reminder that contains your overdue and upcoming bills. This is a beta feature which means that it’s still in development, and we’re gathering feedback.

Head over to our knowledge base for information how to get bill reminders set up.


Better hiding of report rows, and new beta budget analysis features
Update · 16 Aug, 2016

Quick update today: you can now hide any row from the Income and Expense and Cashflows pages, including interest and the Uncategorized rows, which have previously not been able to be hidden.

We’ve also been releasing frequent updates to, and the first stage of the new default main budgets view is now live, including roll-up analysis. Go check it out!


Bank Feed Maintenance this Sunday
Downtime · 13 Aug, 2016

Our bank feed provider, Yodlee, has informed us that they will be performing maintenance on the bank feed service this weekend. While the maintenance is being performed, connectivity to bank feeds might be affected. This means that during the below times, you may have trouble updating existing feeds or adding new feeds.

Yodlee is estimating it will take 4 hours to complete the maintenance, starting at:

August 13th 5:00 AM UTC
August 13th 10:00 PM PT
August 14th 5:00 PM NZT

You can view what time this is in your local time zone here.

Our apologies for the inconvenience this outage causes.

1,671 new banks now available in PocketSmith
News · 8 Jul, 2016

PocketSmith now supports 1,671 new bank feeds from a wide range of countries, after a recent update. So if you’ve been waiting for a specific feed, cross your fingers and check the full list of additions here!

Yodlee Bank Feed Additions and Removals, July 2016
Blog post · 8 Jul, 2016

An update of our live bank feed support list has been performed. This has added support for 1671 new institutions added across a wide range of countries. There were 288 bank feed site deactivations as well, most of which were replaced with an alternative. Below is the full list of additions and removals.


Sneak peek of new category analysis and roll-up budgets
Feature in beta · 1 Jul, 2016

A beta preview of the new category budget analysis is now available at The primary change you’ll see are new graphs when you drill-down into an individual category, where you’ll also find roll-up budget analysis.

The default Budgets front page hasn’t visually changed yet, and there are a few bugs we’re still working through here. We’re also discussing the plan for bringing roll-up budgeting to the fore here too, as well as other improvements that are possible now that the background work has been completed.

The site at can be used alongside the main application at, as data will remain consistent between both. Please let us know any feedback you have about the beta!

ANZ Money Manager express import and migration guides
Update · 10 Jun, 2016

We’ve introduced a quick and easy way for ANZ Money Manager users to get set up in PocketSmith. This includes a one-file express upload feature that gets all your accounts, transactions and categories set up at once, as well as step-by-step guides for getting all set up and your accounts synced up.

Start off here on our knowledge base, and please get in touch with any questions!

See how a transaction was filtered
New feature · 3 Jun, 2016

Released a little while ago, but worth highlighting: there is now a “Filtered” button inside the edit transaction form.

Clicking this shows you a pop-up, with details on the category rule or filter that was applied to the transaction. You can then open the Filter from here to edit it. This means that hunting down why a Transaction was categorised a particular way becomes far easier.

Digest and log in management improvements
Update · 26 May, 2016

The Digest now excludes transfers from the income and expense pie chart, so large transfer amounts will no longer skew your numbers. Using multiple tabs has also been improved, with oddities caused by using older tabs after logging in again being ironed out.

Transaction confirmation mode now sortable
Update · 17 May, 2016

The confirmation of the Transactions page now features sortable columns. This means you can order your transactions in whatever method is easiest for your confirmation processing.

Institutions now known as Banks
Update · 11 May, 2016

The first part of improving bank feed management in the Account Summary has been completed, which sees us change from using the very specific “Institution” to the clearer “Bank”.

Cashflows now allows future date selection
Update · 29 Apr, 2016

Now you’re able to select future Cashflow dates without needing to expand the forecast via the Calendar first. Much quicker to get an overview of your future!

Split transaction handling improvements
Update · 14 Apr, 2016

When you split transactions, the transactions will now always appear adjacent to each other in the transaction listing, making keeping track of splits a bit easier. Also, there are now no limits to the number of transactions you can perform bulk actions on.

Unhide Category directly from Budgets page
New feature · 11 Apr, 2016

You can now “Unhide” any categories that you’d hidden from the Budgets page, meaning it’s easier to add and remove categories from this report as needed.

Better multi-currency handing in Cashflows
Update · 7 Apr, 2016

The Cashflows page for multi-currency accounts now converts historical actual totals as at the end-of-month shown, instead of always as at today. Much more accurate for historical balances and totals.

Loading PocketSmith is now faster
Update · 17 Mar, 2016

We’ve applied a range of optimisations to the forecast system. This means that logging into PocketSmith is faster now, as well as forecast recalculation and calendar page loading. Things should feel snappier for everyone, like a unicorn flying over a rainbow. In space.


Forecast Start modal has been improved
Update · 9 Mar, 2016

As part of Safe Balance going into beta, we’ve enhanced the Forecast Start adjustment information modal window. Now when you click on the Forecast Start events in the calendar, you’ll be shown a graph which clearly illustrates the Forecast Start changes, instead of only text information.

Introducing Safe Balance, see what's safe to spend (or save!)
Feature in beta · 9 Mar, 2016

We’re pleased to announce the beta of the Safe Balance feature! This optionally adjusts your balances to account for planned income and expenses, so you can see how much money you really have available, learn more here!


New categorisation interface is here
Feature in beta · 4 Feb, 2016

The new categorisation interface is now in beta! Focus on your new items one card at a time. Write memories, make rules, and send them zipping off the pile. So easy!

For more details, check out the knowledge base article.


Now easier to reorder your categories
New feature · 27 Jan, 2016

We’ve introduced a handle to the left of each category row on the Categories page, making it easier to reorder categories. Works great on tablets too! We’ve a lot of updates coming soon, please stay tuned!


PocketSmith companion mobile app now in beta
Feature in beta · 23 Dec, 2015

The PocketSmith companion mobile app is now in public beta, which means it’s available for everyone to download and test. The app is available for iOS and Android, and will let you quickly categorize transactions and view your account balances. You can also view and edit transactions. Learn more on the mobile landing page.

Introducing your PocketSmith Digest
Feature in beta · 3 Dec, 2015

We’re beta-testing the new Digest, which gives you simple, key insights into how you’re doing with your money. Choose to see present and historical reports by week, month or year! To activate this report, become a beta tester via Beta settings, and then view it from the “Budgets & Reports” menu. Please let us know your thoughts!


Transaction Reviewing has been released!
New feature · 19 Nov, 2015

Now you can choose to review transactions as they’re received by PocketSmith! Review all new transactions, live feed categorized, or rule categorized transactions. Head to Settings > User Preferences > Transaction Reviewing to set it up!

For more details, check out the knowledge base article


Live feed transactions won't be re-imported after delete
Update · 16 Nov, 2015

We’ve released an update which stops live bank feed transactions that have been deleted from being reimported. Once deleted, transactions will not reappear unless an option under the individual “Account preferences” is unchecked. Read more on our knowledgebase here.

Yodlee Bank Feed Additions, November 2015
Blog post · 5 Nov, 2015

An update of our live bank feed support list has been performed, which introduces support for over 500 new institutions added across the US, United Kingdom, Australia and Spain. Below is a full list of all institutions that have been added.


Yodlee Bank Feed Additions for November 2015
Update · 4 Nov, 2015

We’ve updated our support list for live bank feeds, and over 500 new institutions have been added across the US, United Kingdom, Australia and Spain. See all additions here.

Net Worth enhancements released
Update · 29 Oct, 2015

A number of improvements to how Net Worth accounts work have been released today. We’ve introduced a new “purchase date” field, and have resolved a number of other quirks with how these accounts are managed and appear in the app. For a complete overview of what has changed, please see this article on our knowledgebase.

Quick-look transactions popup released
New feature · 22 Oct, 2015

Now when you click on something that contains transactions (e.g. Dashboard pie chart and budgets, Calendar, Cashflows etc), you'll be shown them straight away in a pop-up, along with a link to jump off into the full Transactions view for the displayed transactions. Much quicker to see what is going on!

Faster PocketSmith has arrived
News · 15 Oct, 2015

The dust has settled on the release of the newer, speedier PocketSmith yesterday. We hope that you’re finding things quicker to use - all metrics here are showing a huge improvement.

Faster PocketSmith launches, Oct 14 at 1pm NZT, 12am UTC
News · 12 Oct, 2015

We’re launching a faster version of PocketSmith on Wednesday, October 14 at 1pm NZT, 12am UTC / Tuesday October 13 at 5pm PT, 7pm CT. Though no downtime is required for this launch, anyone using PocketSmith at the upgrade time will need to re-login again.

Please feel free to give the faster version a spin at in the meantime!

Now you can upload multiple OFX and QIF files at once!
New feature · 9 Oct, 2015

New feature has been released, you can now upload multiple OFX or QIF files at the same time! This is great for getting set up, or updating all your non-live-feed accounts far faster than before. Find this under the "Add" menu in the Transactions page.

We're testing out a faster PocketSmith!
Feature in beta · 5 Oct, 2015

Recently some back-end changes to make PocketSmith faster have been completed. We’ve now passed the internal testing stage, and are ready for you to give things a test! Check it out at - we hope that things feel snappier. Please report any issues that you notice to us at [email protected].

Account and Scenario toggle improvements in the Calendar
New feature · 2 Oct, 2015

The Calendar now offers more flexibility for viewing your accounts and scenarios! A panel can be activated from the sidebar, which features toggles for individual accounts and scenarios. This is especially useful for grouped accounts, and also resolves all issues around referencing another account from Net Worth assets too.

Calendar sidebar scenario selection improvements
Update · 22 Sep, 2015

We’ve changed the Calendar sidebar to make scenarios easier to access from an account. This paves the way for making Net Worth accounts work better within the sidebar. Just click the vertical dots next to each account in the sidebar to select which scenarios you’d like displayed.

Multi-currency support now for graphs
Update · 18 Sep, 2015

The net worth graphs in PocketSmith have been updated to convert foreign currency amounts into your native base currency! This is featured on all combined balance graphs throughout the app.

Calling all developers — the PocketSmith API is here!
Feature in beta · 17 Sep, 2015

Today we’re launching the much-anticipated PocketSmith API into beta, allowing developers to build awesome apps on top of PocketSmith. Register as a developer and take a squiz at the documentation over at the new developer centre.

Dates now remembered in Dashboard pie chart
Update · 4 Sep, 2015

Selected dates are now persisted in the Earning & Spending pie chart widget on the Dashboard. When you log in to PocketSmith now, the date range shown in the pie chart should span the same period that was previously set.