Split transaction handling improvements
Update · 14 Apr, 2016

When you split transactions, the transactions will now always appear adjacent to each other in the transaction listing, making keeping track of splits a bit easier. Also, there are now no limits to the number of transactions you can perform bulk actions on.

Unhide Category directly from Budgets page
New feature · 11 Apr, 2016

You can now “Unhide” any categories that you’d hidden from the Budgets page, meaning it’s easier to add and remove categories from this report as needed.

Better multi-currency handing in Cashflows
Update · 7 Apr, 2016

The Cashflows page for multi-currency accounts now converts historical actual totals as at the end-of-month shown, instead of always as at today. Much more accurate for historical balances and totals.

Loading PocketSmith is now faster
Update · 17 Mar, 2016

We’ve applied a range of optimisations to the forecast system. This means that logging into PocketSmith is faster now, as well as forecast recalculation and calendar page loading. Things should feel snappier for everyone, like a unicorn flying over a rainbow. In space.


Forecast Start modal has been improved
Update · 9 Mar, 2016

As part of Safe Balance going into beta, we’ve enhanced the Forecast Start adjustment information modal window. Now when you click on the Forecast Start events in the calendar, you’ll be shown a graph which clearly illustrates the Forecast Start changes, instead of only text information.

Introducing Safe Balance, see what's safe to spend (or save!)
Feature in beta · 9 Mar, 2016

We’re pleased to announce the beta of the Safe Balance feature! This optionally adjusts your balances to account for planned income and expenses, so you can see how much money you really have available, learn more here!


New categorisation interface is here
Feature in beta · 4 Feb, 2016

The new categorisation interface is now in beta! Focus on your new items one card at a time. Write memories, make rules, and send them zipping off the pile. So easy!

For more details, check out the knowledge base article.


Now easier to reorder your categories
New feature · 27 Jan, 2016

We’ve introduced a handle to the left of each category row on the Categories page, making it easier to reorder categories. Works great on tablets too! We’ve a lot of updates coming soon, please stay tuned!


PocketSmith companion mobile app now in beta
Feature in beta · 23 Dec, 2015

The PocketSmith companion mobile app is now in public beta, which means it’s available for everyone to download and test. The app is available for iOS and Android, and will let you quickly categorize transactions and view your account balances. You can also view and edit transactions. Learn more on the mobile landing page.

Introducing your PocketSmith Digest
Feature in beta · 3 Dec, 2015

We’re beta-testing the new Digest, which gives you simple, key insights into how you’re doing with your money. Choose to see present and historical reports by week, month or year! To activate this report, become a beta tester via Beta settings, and then view it from the “Budgets & Reports” menu. Please let us know your thoughts!


Transaction Reviewing has been released!
New feature · 19 Nov, 2015

Now you can choose to review transactions as they’re received by PocketSmith! Review all new transactions, live feed categorized, or rule categorized transactions. Head to Settings > User Preferences > Transaction Reviewing to set it up!

For more details, check out the knowledge base article


Live feed transactions won't be re-imported after delete
Update · 16 Nov, 2015

We’ve released an update which stops live bank feed transactions that have been deleted from being reimported. Once deleted, transactions will not reappear unless an option under the individual “Account preferences” is unchecked. Read more on our knowledgebase here.

Yodlee Bank Feed Additions, November 2015
Blog post · 5 Nov, 2015

An update of our live bank feed support list has been performed, which introduces support for over 500 new institutions added across the US, United Kingdom, Australia and Spain. Below is a full list of all institutions that have been added.


Yodlee Bank Feed Additions for November 2015
Update · 4 Nov, 2015

We’ve updated our support list for live bank feeds, and over 500 new institutions have been added across the US, United Kingdom, Australia and Spain. See all additions here.

Net Worth enhancements released
Update · 29 Oct, 2015

A number of improvements to how Net Worth accounts work have been released today. We’ve introduced a new “purchase date” field, and have resolved a number of other quirks with how these accounts are managed and appear in the app. For a complete overview of what has changed, please see this article on our knowledgebase.

Quick-look transactions popup released
New feature · 22 Oct, 2015

Now when you click on something that contains transactions (e.g. Dashboard pie chart and budgets, Calendar, Cashflows etc), you'll be shown them straight away in a pop-up, along with a link to jump off into the full Transactions view for the displayed transactions. Much quicker to see what is going on!

Faster PocketSmith has arrived
News · 15 Oct, 2015

The dust has settled on the release of the newer, speedier PocketSmith yesterday. We hope that you’re finding things quicker to use - all metrics here are showing a huge improvement.

Faster PocketSmith launches, Oct 14 at 1pm NZT, 12am UTC
News · 12 Oct, 2015

We’re launching a faster version of PocketSmith on Wednesday, October 14 at 1pm NZT, 12am UTC / Tuesday October 13 at 5pm PT, 7pm CT. Though no downtime is required for this launch, anyone using PocketSmith at the upgrade time will need to re-login again.

Please feel free to give the faster version a spin at https://faster.pocketsmith.com in the meantime!

Now you can upload multiple OFX and QIF files at once!
New feature · 9 Oct, 2015

New feature has been released, you can now upload multiple OFX or QIF files at the same time! This is great for getting set up, or updating all your non-live-feed accounts far faster than before. Find this under the "Add" menu in the Transactions page.

We're testing out a faster PocketSmith!
Feature in beta · 5 Oct, 2015

Recently some back-end changes to make PocketSmith faster have been completed. We’ve now passed the internal testing stage, and are ready for you to give things a test! Check it out at https://faster.pocketsmith.com - we hope that things feel snappier. Please report any issues that you notice to us at [email protected].

Account and Scenario toggle improvements in the Calendar
New feature · 2 Oct, 2015

The Calendar now offers more flexibility for viewing your accounts and scenarios! A panel can be activated from the sidebar, which features toggles for individual accounts and scenarios. This is especially useful for grouped accounts, and also resolves all issues around referencing another account from Net Worth assets too.

Calendar sidebar scenario selection improvements
Update · 22 Sep, 2015

We’ve changed the Calendar sidebar to make scenarios easier to access from an account. This paves the way for making Net Worth accounts work better within the sidebar. Just click the vertical dots next to each account in the sidebar to select which scenarios you’d like displayed.

Multi-currency support now for graphs
Update · 18 Sep, 2015

The net worth graphs in PocketSmith have been updated to convert foreign currency amounts into your native base currency! This is featured on all combined balance graphs throughout the app.

Calling all developers — the PocketSmith API is here!
Feature in beta · 17 Sep, 2015

Today we’re launching the much-anticipated PocketSmith API into beta, allowing developers to build awesome apps on top of PocketSmith. Register as a developer and take a squiz at the documentation over at the new developer centre.

Dates now remembered in Dashboard pie chart
Update · 4 Sep, 2015

Selected dates are now persisted in the Earning & Spending pie chart widget on the Dashboard. When you log in to PocketSmith now, the date range shown in the pie chart should span the same period that was previously set.

New "Leave overlapping transactions out" option
Update · 31 Aug, 2015

This is one for those people who upload their transaction files. When uploading a file, You can now choose to “Leave overlapping transactions out”, as well as the old “Replace existing transactions with overlaps” option. More info at http://psmth.to/IU

Balance graph Y-axis bounds now reflects data
Update · 26 Aug, 2015

The balance / Net Worth graph that appears throughout the application will now have its Y-axis automatically scale to the data being viewed. The upper bound will always display the maximum value of the data shown, and the lower will show the minimum.

Welcome to the new PocketSmith!
New feature · 19 Aug, 2015

We’re delighted to release a major update to the application, which features a ton of usability updates and improvements.

Read about what’s new, and also take a look at the older versions of PocketSmith’s design.

New user interface will launch tomorrow, August 20, 2015
News · 19 Aug, 2015

Tomorrow we’ll be launching the new user interface, alongside our new website! We’re currently aiming for around 11am NZST. While no downtime is required, you will need to log in again after the switch. More information tomorrow!

If you want another look before launch, head to https://new.pocketsmith.com.

Ordering of accounts in the Account Summary fixed
Update · 18 Aug, 2015

We’ve fixed the ordering of accounts in the Account Summary. Within their own account types, each account will now respect the order given to them on the Organize Accounts & Scenarios page.

Account update emails: budgets now take refunds into account
Bug fix · 12 Aug, 2015

Previously, current budgets in the account update email didn’t include refunds in the budget calculations. This bug has now been fixed, bringing the update emails in line with the rest of the application.

Don’t have account update emails set up yet? Learn more about them here.

Labels now included in CSV export, bugfix for transfer budgets
Update · 7 Aug, 2015

Small change on the main app: labels are now included in the “Export All Transactions to CSV” option (Settings > User Preferences > Export data). Some bugfixes for deleting transfer budgets have also been released.

All development items are also completed for the beta of the new user interface! We’re now in the final stages of testing on this side, join us at https://new.pocketsmith.com.

Final stages of new user interface beta
Update · 24 Jul, 2015

The new user interface beta is nearing its end! Many improvements have been launched this week, log in at https://new.pocketsmith.com to check them out as we gear up for launch.

Improved Xero integration
New feature · 13 Jul, 2015

We’ve updated our Xero integration so that your connection is no longer limited to 30 minutes. In fact, you will remain connected to your Xero organisation until such time as you disconnect from your Xero preferences.

Secondary account graphs in Account Summary now load
Bug fix · 9 Jul, 2015

We’ve fixed Account Summary graph display for secondary accounts (those which belong to a group). The full grouped account graph data (with forecast) will appear on the “All institutions” and “Grouped accounts” tabs. Each account that is part of a group will display their own separate historical balances in their institution tab.

Multi-currency support for Platinum and Palladium added
News · 2 Jul, 2015

Platinum (XPT) and Palladium (XPD) has been added to our multi-currency support list, which now sit alongside other precious metal rates for Gold (XAU) and Silver (XAG). Our provider has reported that more crypto-currencies will also be added soon, to join existing support for Bitcoin (BTC). Stay tuned!

New user interface now in beta: https://new.pocketsmith.com
Update · 25 Jun, 2015

The new PocketSmith user interface is now in beta! https://new.pocketsmith.com talks to your live PocketSmith data, meaning it can be used alongside the current version of the app.

As this is a beta, we do expect problems to crop up. Known issues are listed at http://psmth.to/mS. Please let us know if you strike any oddities, and we’ll update the checklists on this Trello board as things progress.

This is phase one of the intended user interface changes. As priorities are confirmed based on feedback, we’ll be expanding the above Trello board with Upcoming Enhancements for phase two. We’ll be sharing our plans for the full rollout soon, but for the moment, please take things for a spin at https://new.pocketsmith.com!

New user interface beta available from next week
Update · 19 Jun, 2015

Progress is coming along great on the new user interface, thanks for your feedback everyone! Next week, you’ll be able to start using the new UI with your live data, alongside the normal current interface. We’ve taken down the alpha server in preparation for this. More information soon, hope you have a great weekend!

Back-end application upgrades performed
Update · 10 Jun, 2015

Back-end upgrades were performed today, which simplifies some internal data structures. No difference should be noticed for your accounts. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please get in touch.

Using browser "Back" button no longer buggy
Bug fix · 8 Jun, 2015

If you’ve ever hit back in PocketSmith and been greeted with a wall of javascript code, you’ll be happy to know that this is now a thing of the past! This bug related to some caching quirks, and has now been resolved.

Scheduled upgrades on Tue June 9, 4pm EDT / 8pm UTC, two hours downtime expected
Downtime · 7 Jun, 2015

Two hours downtime for scheduled maintenance and upgrades will occur at on Wednesday June 10 at 9 AM NZST / Tuesday June 9 at 5 PM EDT / 9 PM UTC. Back-end database upgrades are being performed to set up for the upcoming user interface release, and requires that application servers are taken offline. We expect the upgrades to take an estimated 2 hours.

Check Twitter for updates during the downtime at http://twitter.com/pocketsmith. Thanks for your patience!

Update: unfortunately things are taking longer than expected. Downtime has been extended by an hour, meaning we’ll be back at 8pm EDT / 12pm NZST. Apologies for the delay!

Progress on new UI, take it for a spin this weekend!
Feature in beta · 5 Jun, 2015

Lots of progress this week on the new user interface, many fixes and improvements! We’ve also updated the test database to be up-to-date with the main application as at 12am UTC / 12pm NZST today too, so you’ll have your latest data to use in the new UI over the weekend.

Access the test server at https://2015-ui.pocketsmith.com, and view the known issues at http://psmth.to/3I. Remember that live feeds won’t work, and changes made in the test environment will not reflect back onto the main application.

Change round up, week of 1st June 2015
Update · 4 Jun, 2015

Mint import is now a bit more forgiving if a file has been opened in Excel. Categories with both income and expense portions will show their transactions and data correctly in the Budgets page; previously only one would correctly show. We’ve also made credit card processing error messages much more descriptive too, with the full error response message from the provider now being shown.

Main website unexpected downtime, 30th May
Downtime · 30 May, 2015

Our main website experienced some unexpected downtime on the 30th of May. This was due to a power failure at the datacenter of our website hosting provider. Once power was brought back to the facility, there were some extended server failures which led to the longer than expected delay in getting site back up.

The main application was not impacted by this, and could be used normally throughout the incident.

Test drive the new user interface right now!
Feature in beta · 25 May, 2015

We’ve been making great progress building the new PocketSmith user interface, and we’d love for you to take a look! Head to https://2015-ui.pocketsmith.com to get started. Live data is in use, and is current as at the 5th of June. Changes made here will not reflect in the main application.

Please be aware that this is still work in progress, and caveats and known issues are listed here. This being said, we’d love to hear what you think - please use the “Feedback” item in the menu to let us know!

Bank feeds bug fix and update on new user interface
Bug fix · 22 May, 2015

A bug in the live bank feed service has been fixed. If you’ve experienced reliability issues with performing feed actions in the past 10 days, these will now be resolved. Note that this won’t have an effect on error codes for feed connections - please get in touch if you’re getting an numbered error code.

News on the big upcoming user interface overhaul: we’ll be releasing a select number of features with the new UI early next week for pre-release testing. Stay tuned for more details!

Account Summary, grouped account and Net Worth bugs fixed
Bug fix · 17 May, 2015

Forecast data is now correctly extended via the Account Summary, if viewing data far into the future. Grouped account balances now show correctly in the calendar, and we’ve fixed an issue with the Net Worth page’s “updated at” date to correctly respect the timezone your account is in. We’ve also tweaked the behaviour of the “uncategorized” links, which will now open in the same window instead of a new tab, which improves this workflow.

New option to combine payee and memo for file uploads
New feature · 10 May, 2015

When an OFX or QIF file is uploaded, you can now choose to combine each transaction’s “payee” with the “memo” field, to produce a unified merchant description. This is useful if a bank mixes up these fields. The new option is shown at the end of the file upload process.

Category being it's own parent and budget form validation fixed
Bug fix · 7 May, 2015

Previously, a category could be set to be it’s own parent if it was edited through the bulk category form; this problem has been resolved. Also, bug fixes for validation of the advanced “repeat every” section of the budget form have also been released.

Rule creation checkbox when categorizing is now remembered
Update · 6 May, 2015

Now when you categorise transactions, your setting for the “Apply to… as a rule” checkbox is now remembered. This makes repeated rule creation quicker. Also, the “uncategorized” row is now hidden from the Income and Expense statement if there are no uncategorized transactions.

Cashflows "Uncategorized" row can be hidden, annual budgets bugfix
Update · 30 Apr, 2015

The “Uncategorized” row can now be hidden from the Cashflows page, as if it were a normal category on that page. Also, a bug fix was released for annual repeating budgets, which were previously slipping back a day when repeating over a leap year.

Net worth accounts - actual balances in the graph and calendar
Bug fix · 24 Apr, 2015

Quirks in actual balance display for net worth accounts have been fixed. The balance line graph was previously incorrect when the net worth account started after the graph. Also, historical actual net worth balances were stuck at zero when the calendar was in “Show actuals in history” mode.

Categorisation behaviour improved on Bank Statements
Update · 13 Apr, 2015

Now when you categorise transactions from Bank Statements, your current search will be reloaded afterwards. So if you’re working through “uncategorised” transactions for example, the newly categorised transactions will disappear once processed, streamlining the process.

Revamped Google authentication and email confirmation changes
Update · 9 Apr, 2015

We’ve updated our Google login to a new authentication standard. Don’t worry, you’ll log in just like before—all changes are in the background to help set us up for the future. We’ll also now send you a confirmation email if you change your email address, so you’ll know you’ve entered it correctly and we can still get in touch.

Uncategorised in cashflows, feed search and export updates
Update · 8 Apr, 2015

Cashflows now features an “Uncategorized” row in each section, summing all transactions without a category. Searching for bank feeds is now fuzzy, meaning exact search terms aren’t needed to find an institution. We’ve also fixed the XLSX transaction export for Numbers for Mac, as previously some columns would not appear at all.

Bulk Actions control change and Category update fixes
Update · 7 Apr, 2015

The Bulk Actions window now uses the same controls as everywhere else now, meaning you can now un-categorise transactions in bulk from here too. Also, updating a category now triggers required account reloading, resolving some oddities that could occur after editing a budget’s category.

Online shopping sites are now available as live feeds
Update · 1 Apr, 2015

Online shopping sites are now available as live feeds. These include previously discontinued sites: Gap.com, Banana Republic, Walmart and Amazon (UK).

Incorrect future transactions no longer breaks current transactions
Bug fix · 31 Mar, 2015

Yodlee occasionally displays incorrect transaction dates, sometimes with future dates. This can cause recent transactions to not be found by PocketSmith. We’ve now fixed this, and incorrect future transaction dates will no longer affect finding recent bank feed transactions.

Live Bank Feed Service problems causing unexpected behaviour
Incident · 30 Mar, 2015

15:18 NZST - Errors are occurring on connection attempts between our live bank feed application and Yodlee. This is causing the live bank feed service in PocketSmith to work intermittently, with unexpected behaviour when attempting to add new credentials or perform a live feed update.

20:39 NZST - Yodlee have performed fixes on their end, and errors are no longer occurring. Everything appears to be normal, but we’ll continue monitoring.

Calendar upgrade and tweaks to balances
Update · 24 Mar, 2015

We’ve upgraded the Calendar in preparation for the new UI. Most of the changes are under the hood, but you’ll notice a difference in the way balances are depicted.

Editing from Budgets page now reloads forecast correctly
Bug fix · 16 Mar, 2015

Account forecast data will now be reloaded correctly when a category has a budget added, edited or removed from the Budgets page.

Bank Statments pie chart respects search dates by default
Update · 13 Mar, 2015

The pie graph on Bank Statements now respects the search dates entered into the main search form by default. So, a date entered into the search form will be immediately reflected in the graph.

Historical forecast and budget information calculation update
Bug fix · 11 Mar, 2015

Historical forecast and budget information is now being calculated when navigating backwards through the calendar, in “Show actuals in history” mode. Previously, calculations weren’t triggered properly when in this mode, meaning required data wasn’t available if “Show actuals” was turned off.

Advisor Access now lets you invite an advisor to manage your account
New feature · 4 Mar, 2015

PocketSmith’s Advisor Access feature allows you to invite an advisor, friend or family member to access and manage your account without requiring your password.

Learn more and see an example on our knowledge base: http://psmth.to/5Z

More robust transaction splitting
Update · 1 Mar, 2015

Splitting transactions now ensures that the sum of the split transaction amounts equals the original transaction amount. Prior to this change it was possible to inadvertently enter amounts that did not sum to the original transaction amount.

Bank Statements view now displays pie charts first
Update · 26 Feb, 2015

The Bank Statements view now displays pie charts first, so you can quickly see if you’re earning more than you’re spending. This can be changed to the traditional line chart by clicking on the ‘Graph’ menu option. PocketSmith will remember your preference for next time.

Tools drop-down to find duplicates and suspected transfers
New feature · 26 Feb, 2015

Bank Statements now has a Tools dropdown within the toolbar, where you’ll find two new options - Find duplicates and Find transfers, alongside the existing Bulk actions item. This allows you to quickly find any suspected transfers between accounts, and ferret out duplicate transactions much quicker.

New pie chart in Bank Statements page
Blog post · 24 Feb, 2015

We have just released pie charts for the Bank Statements page. The pie chart shows a breakdown of your transactions into income and expenses initially, and then you can drill down to show transaction totals by parent categories and sub-categories. The new option is available under the “Graph” menu within the toolbar of Bank Statements.


Scheduled maintenance 23rd / 24th February 2015, up to 2 hours downtime
Blog post · 23 Feb, 2015

We’re performing some regular maintenance to PocketSmith’s servers, which will mean we will be offline while this occurs. This will mean that all services will be unavailable for up to 2 hours on the 24th of February, 2015 (or, 23rd of February in the US).


New zoomable graph
Blog post · 13 Feb, 2015

We have recently updated the graphs on the Bank Statements and Calendar pages, so that you can now easily zoom in on different date periods.


We present to you: multiple currency support. Seasons Greetings!
Blog post · 22 Dec, 2014

With the end of the year rapidly approaching and Christmas in just three days, we’d like take a moment to announce the beta release of multi-currency support in PocketSmith. Following years of planning and months of development, we’ve very excited to get this into your hands!