Dashboard: use saved searches for transaction based widgets
Update · 24 Dec, 2022

Some dashboard widgets focus on transaction analysis, and allow for a range of filtering options to choose which transactions are included in analysis. These widgets are the earning and spending pie chart, the category sankey diagram, and the transactions column widget.

Our second upgrade for Christmas: you can now switch from regular filtering for these widgets, to instead use saved searches to select which transactions are included! This means all the power of the search on the transactions page is now available to the above widgets.

You can show an earning and spending widget for a particular transaction label, or have a sankey diagram of transactions larger than a given amount, or put together a transactions column showing only transfers within the last 3 months that are over $100 in AUD, that include the word “christmas” in their description.

We wish you a very happy festive period, and are looking forward to sharing all the product improvements we’ll release in 2023 with you!

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