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Update: We have recently improved how PocketSmith deals with one-off budget events, and things will now behave in a way which we think is more usable and sensible.

One-off budget events are no longer "inserted" into a series of repeating budgets within the same category, and will not stand alone within a sequence of repeating budgets. So, if you add an extra $50 to your $170 weekly Groceries budget, you'll have a $220 grocery budget that week - instead of the extra $50 forming its own budget period.

Also, one-off budgets will no longer have a period which extends forward to the end of your forecast. Due to recent improvements in how flexible we can be in budget analysis, this is no longer necessary to provide an accurate analysis of a series of one-off budget events.

Various other small quirks and oddities with one-off budget events will also have been fixed with this release. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or any unexpected quirks as a result of this release, please get in touch and let us know!
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New feature: In the iOS and Android apps, you can now snap a photo on your phone and attach it to a transaction or upload the photo to the attachment inbox for attaching to a transaction later.

When adding a new cash transaction or editing a transaction, there is new attachment field where you can attach photos from your camera, files from your phone or files in the attachment inbox. You can also view any currently attached files.

Two new widgets have been added to the Dashboard. One allows you to select either a camera or file upload to the attachment inbox. The second widget provides access to the attachment inbox for viewing your attachments.

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New feature: To help provide more context for the different pages within PocketSmith, we have added page tips with helpful information about the page you are viewing.

New PocketSmith users will see the page tips fully expanded when they first visit a page and once they are familiar with the page it can be minimized.

Current PocketSmith users will see this tips minimised and can expand the tips by clicking on the tips icon in the bottom-right. You can also remove the tips completely by closing the tips icon.

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New feature: It is now quicker to adjust a categories settings after you have created a category while editing budgets or categorising your transactions.

If you have created a category while editing a transaction or budget, you will see a notification in the bottom-left once you have saved your changes. This allows you to quickly access the settings of the new category.

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Update: We have improved the automatic transfer marking of transactions to reduce the number of transactions being marked incorrectly.

If you have category rules or filters to automatically categorise your transactions, it will now only mark the transaction as a transfer if it is within a transfer category or it is marked as a transfer by a filter.

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Update: We have made it easier for you to adjust the order of your accounts within PocketSmith.

When viewing 'All banks' on the Account Summary page, click and hold on the drag handle that is on the top-left of each account and move the account into your desired position.

For more details on how this works, have a look at this guide in the Learn Center: https://learn.pocketsmith.com/article/191-change-the-display-order-of-your-accounts#accountsummary

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Update: We first released multi-currency support for transactions and balances just over 4 years ago. Adding multi-currency support to budgets was quite tricky, but now budgets also support multi-currency!

Your budgets will now be in the currency of the account they are within and will be converted to the base currency using the current exchange rate.

For more information about budgets and multi-currency visit - https://learn.pocketsmith.com/article/122-multi-currency-features-currently-available#budgets

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Update: With so much added functionality to budget creation over the past 10 years, it was high time we had an interface to reflect this.

One key change is splitting the form into Simple and Advanced versions. This means you can quickly add a budget much like you could in the original 2008 form, or fine-tune your different budgets so you're never caught short. The inclusion of bill and scheduled income settings gives you control over your budget types where it really matters.

If you need a hand to get the most out of your budgets in PocketSmith, check out our Learn Centre here: https://learn.pocketsmith.com/article/505-budgets

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New feature: We've saved you a trip to the calculator by making the total numbers on the top right of the transactions table smarter! It now shows the sum value of transactions you've selected. Click on the value to see the sum, total in, and total out of all transactions.

New transaction totals and summing
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Update: Previously when you renamed or deleted a category, it would show up again if that old category was imported with a transaction from a bank feed or a bank file. Not great!

Now, PocketSmith remembers when you've deleted a category or changed its name, and makes sure that imported transactions are either assigned to the renamed category or are uncategorised if you deleted the category. So - if you rename "Online Services" to "Internet", all imported transactions with the category "Online Services" would be correctly categorised to "Internet".
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New feature: The brand new dashboard in PocketSmith mobile gives you an overview of your finances on the move.

Get information on your net worth, top accounts, categorization progress and a summary of your budget tracking at a glance. More widgets coming soon!

Check it out now on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

New PocketSmith mobile dashboard released
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Downtime: In order to perform server and database maintenance activities, PocketSmith will be offline for up to 4 hours on Monday, 18 June, at 12:00 UTC.

We apologise for the inconvenience this downtime causes. We will be posting to our status page at https://status.pocketsmith.com throughout the downtime, so please keep an eye on that for updates as they occur. Thanks for your patience!

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New feature: Buying your hot cross buns with cash this Easter? Great news - the new releases of the iOS and Android apps will let you add manual cash transactions!

You can grab the updated apps from the Google Play Store for Android and in the App Store for iOS now.

Read more about adding cash transactions on mobile in our Learn Center user guides for Android and iOS. We look forward to any feedback you have about the new feature, and we hope you have happy Easter!

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News: Need some fresh budgeting inspiration? Get unique insight from PocketSmith customers and staff! While we all have different hobbies and priorities for how we spend our money, we all use the same app to manage our finances.

Check out our PocketPals and PocketProfiles articles for ideas on how you could use PocketSmith, too — they’re short reads, and we hope they’re useful. Feel free to ask any questions, and we’ll be sure to answer.

Read the PocketPals series
Read the staff PocketProfiles series
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News: Welcome to 2018! We hope you've had a great start so far. To help get your money on track this year, enter our Facebook competition to win a year of PocketSmith, for you and a friend! All you need to do is tag a mate telling them your new year's resolution, closes Jan 18th.

Enter now!

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New feature: We're excited to announce two releases for the Budget page! Firstly, we've given the budget summary a complete overhaul. Now you can get greater insight into how you're tracking against your budget - with income, expense, surplus and deficit all shown in the new analysis.

Secondly, we’ve released our auto-budget tool. This analyzes the transactions in each unbudgeted category, and creates a weekly or monthly budget based on the average spending or earning in the category.

Together these two new tools let you get up and running quicker, and provides better insight into your budgets. As always, your feedback is welcome!

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Update: Transfer handling has received an upgrade! Now when a transaction is assigned to a transfer category, the transaction will also be automatically marked as a transfer. This means less manual handling to get transfers out of your reports! Learn more here.

There are more excellent upgrades coming out for web and mobile before the end of the year too, stay tuned!

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New feature: Email photos and bills directly to your PocketSmith account! All attachments will be stored and ready to assign to transactions. Here are a few handy ideas to get started.

Learn how to activate your attachment inbox.

Try it out today 💌
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Update: ✨ Create a category rule from any transaction in PocketSmith! ✨

Every transaction form now includes the option to create a Category Rule, just tick the box and edit the merchant keywords right there. Includes: Categorise items page, Transactions page and when reviewing transactions within Awaiting Confirmation view!

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Update: We have made it easier to find your correct bank feed!

When searching for your bank, the most popular bank feed option for your search will be shown. This means you can quickly get this bank feed connected and your transactions imported.
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New feature: We recently released an improved interface for managing your category rules! You can now tweak your merchant keywords and refine your category rules in a specially designed interface. You can check it out here and learn more about category rules in our learn center here.

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News: This week we released new versions of our iOS and Desktop applications. Grab the latest iOS app here, and the Desktop app here.

The rebuild of the Android app is coming along too, and - no promises - we hope to have news for you in the next month or so.
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Update: The Dashboard's Earning and Spending chart now uses your own category colours for each segment. In the past, a restricted range of colours was used, regardless of what colours were chosen for each category. But now your own colours are used, which can be set by editing your categories. If you haven't selected a colour for a category, a soothing default is provided.
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News: We're now on new infrastructure! The migration went well, and the performance and reliabilty of the application has been improved.

On a more exciting note, the upgrade also means that emoji is now supported everywhere! This means you can start to 🏷️ your 💵 🗒️ 🏦 💱 🎠 👕 👠 🍔 💃 🎉
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Downtime: PocketSmith is moving to new server infrastructure, which will ensure the ongoing speed and reliability of the application.

The application will be offline from 1pm NZT, 12am UTC on Feb 22 / 4pm PST on Feb 21.

We'll be allowing up to 4 hours' downtime for the migration. However, we expect that the application will be back in closer to 3 hours.

Stay tuned to our status page and Twitter for updates as they happen.
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Update: A couple of weeks ago we released a new feature, Timeline into beta. Now, you're able to search your timeline too! Just click the search icon on the top right, and enter keywords to search through your memories.
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New feature: On the last day of 2016, we're happy to announce that the first versions of the PocketSmith desktop app are in beta. These are available to download here now for Windows, Mac and Debian-based Linux distributions.

While this is a just the first step towards better desktop integration, we've already found it really helpful to have PocketSmith always available right where we left it last. We also recently introduced a "Remember Me" checkbox to keep you signed in for 2 weeks, making it easy to have PocketSmith always ready and waiting on your private devices.

Thanks again for your support this year. We look forward to introducing you to many awesome things in 2017!

PocketSmith Desktop App
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New feature: We've often been asked if gift subscriptions can be bought for friends and family, and now we've got you covered!

You can now buy Premium and Super gift subscriptions that run for a month, 3 months or a year. A gift subscription is a one-off purchase, so you won’t be charged again when the subscription rolls over. A great gift for lots of occasions!

Subscriptions can be bought at https://my.pocketsmith.com/plans/gift. Give the gift of PocketSmith and share your secret to financial prowess!

PocketSmith Gift Subscriptions
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New feature: Say hello to Timeline!

PocketSmith lets you track your memories with your purchases, and Timeline is a curated display of your transactions that contain notes, photos and attachments.

Get started by adding notes, photos, and documents to your transactions. PocketSmith is useful for recording details on bargains, recipes, car maintenance issues, big expensive buys, visits to the doctor, dining experiences and much more!

Visit your Timeline (under the Accounts menu) to start seeing the experiences behind your purchases. Reflect on your spending and understand your relationship with your money.

PocketSmith Timeline
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New feature: For the last 4 days of 2016, we're going to introduce a new feature to you each day!

So today, we present a friendly weekly email. This lets you know how much you've earned, spent and saved for the past week, as well as giving you a reminder about uncategorised transactions. It’s a mini version of your Digest, delivered to your inbox!

You can subscribe to this new email from Settings > User Preferences > Email notifications, check it out now!

PocketSmith weekly digest email