What Your Favorite Barbie Says About Your Finances

Barbie's been putting the "doll" in "dollar" since forever ago. From childhood playmates to coveted collectibles, Barbie has played a significant role in our lives. But did you know that the Barbies you adore might reflect certain aspects of your financial personality? As a tribute to one of our favorite movies of the past 12 months, find what your fave Barbie says about you and your money.

We’ve still got Barbie fever here at PocketSmith, and we don’t plan on toning that down any time soon. Yes, we know, the movie is out of cinemas and loaded onto streaming platforms already. But that’s fine by us. Any excuse to revisit Barbie World, after all. If you’re fully in the Barbie club too, keep reading to find out what your favorite Barbie says about your financial personality. 

Totally Hair Barbie

We reckon Totally Hair Barbie was actually a risk-averse queen — those long locks demonstrated her conservative attitude to finances, and might mirror yours too. If you like to feel safe and secure with your finances, keep your savings account stacked and make decisions slowly and carefully, you’re this Barbie’s twin flame.

Favorite PocketSmith feature: Forecasting — always one eye on what’s coming up.

Malibu Barbie

An icon of her time, Malibu Barbie exuded California cool — and your money is no different. You’re low maintenance but you nail it every time, taking your money management at a chill pace, doing what needs to be done, but not sweating the small stuff. 

Favorite PocketSmith feature: Net worth view. She keeps it top-level. 

Day to Night Barbie 

Oh, Day to Night Barbie, you’re so savvy. Your money management system is efficient, flexible and can withstand anything you throw at it. She loves a budget, never misses a weekly review, never pays for an unused subscription, and won’t miss out on a good deal! 

Favorite PocketSmith feature: Rollover budgeting. She never misses a beat. 

Barbie Twist and Turn 

This Barbie is always ahead of the curve, and so is her money. You’re on top of hot new stocks, have a jacked splurge account for those high-tech facials (hello FaceGym), and you drop knowledge bombs about the future of crypto left, right and center. 

Favorite PocketSmith feature: Sharesight connectivity. Gotta keep your eye on those investments!

Quick Curl Barbie 

Quick Curl Barbie loves a shortcut, so your finances are probably automated to the absolute max — and we love to see it. When your pay hits your account, it’s whipped into shape by your savvy system, and we reckon your favorite thing to spend money on is life-improving solutions. Dyson Airwrap, tick. Robo mop? Of course. Meal kit delivery? Absolutely. 

Favorite PocketSmith feature: Advisor access — let the pros keep an eye on things. 

Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie

Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie is just the right amount of extra, and we bet your finances are too. You love bold fashion and keeping up with your beauty maintenance — but it’s all absolutely budgeted for. Oh, and you collect frequent flyer points on as many purchases as possible to get you one step closer to that business-class lifestyle. 

Favorite PocketSmith feature: Multi-currency functionality (for her slick fashion and beauty imports from the US). 

Original Barbie

There’s nothing wrong with the OG — especially when it comes to your finances. OG Barbie lovers stick to what they know, whether it’s in their bank accounts, their PocketSmith dashboard, or their wardrobe. You rock your capsule wardrobe with pride and never faff around with complicated banking systems. You keep it simple, and we applaud you for it.

Favorite PocketSmith feature: Transaction categories — PocketSmith’s backbone feature.

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Emma Edwards is a finance copywriter and blogger, on a mission to humanize the financial services industry by creating meaningful content that’s accessible and empowering. You’ll find her penning money tips at her blog, The Broke Generation, sharing financial insights on Instagram, or injecting life into content for her business clients. 

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