Track Your Net Worth With Sharesight and PocketSmith

A big welcome to our newest data partner, Sharesight, a global portfolio management tool for DIY investors. Now, with a direct integration, PocketSmith users can connect seamlessly to Sharesight to bring in your portfolio balance automatically.

We’re delighted to introduce Sharesight, our newest Data Connections partner! Sharesight helps investors easily track all their investments in one place, benchmark their portfolios, and simplify their tax reporting. With price and dividend information for shares and ETFs from over 40 exchanges worldwide, plus Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and UK managed funds, users can see all their investments in one place.

Track your share holdings portfolio with Sharesight across all devices

Why use Sharesight with PocketSmith?

Connecting your Sharesight account to PocketSmith means you’ll automatically be able to pull in the total value of all your holdings in Sharesight. This consolidated balance can then be tracked alongside all the other financial information you store in PocketSmith, so you can automatically see your daily accurate net worth figure.

You may already be tracking your bank and credit card accounts, mortgages, personal loans, property, vehicles, and cash assets in PocketSmith. Adding the total value of your Sharesight holdings will give you a truer picture of your exact financial position. And when it comes to charting a path to financial independence, knowing exactly what you own and owe is key.

How to connect to Sharesight in PocketSmith

Linking your Sharesight account in PocketSmith is straightforward. Head over to the Bank Feeds page (Accounts>Bank Feeds) and click + New Connection in the toolbar. Type in “Sharesight” in the search field, and click SEARCH.

Hover over Sharesight’s name or logo and click +ADD CONNECTION. From there, you’ll need to sign in with your Sharesight login details, and click SUBMIT.

Read our step-by-step guide for more information and handy tips!

Data Connections, new partners and the future of open finance

We’ve written extensively about the core tenets behind Data Connections, and how we set out to build a reliable aggregator that would connect PocketSmith to a diverse range of data sources. Bringing Sharesight on board as our newest Data Connections partner moves us one step closer to the new world of open finance, one where consumers have more visibility, control and insight from their own data.

“We’re fully behind the Consumer Data Right legislation that is coming to New Zealand in 2022. We welcome a landscape where consumers will have the right to ask their providers to safely share their data with third parties. Working with Sharesight’s API already delivers on the promise of the CDR, with industry standard authentication, security and data access. We’re looking forward to enabling our users to see all their financial and household information in one place,” said James Wigglesworth, co-founder and CTO of PocketSmith.

“At Sharesight, we also believe in the importance of building an open ecosystem of connected fintech apps. A crucial part of this process is our API, a powerful tool that allows fintechs to come together to create an even better solution for customers. The connection between PocketSmith and Sharesight creates a comprehensive net wealth tracking solution, and is certainly an exciting example of how the API can be used to empower people to make better financial decisions,” said Joe Salvati, Director of Partnerships at Sharesight.

Get started with Sharesight x PocketSmith today

To start seeing your investment portfolio balance in PocketSmith, get started on Sharesight today ​​and track up to 10 holdings for free.

Sharesight users, take advantage of our special offer for you and get 50% off your first two months of a PocketSmith Premium or Super plan.

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