Editing from Budgets page now reloads forecast correctly
Bug fix · 16 Mar, 2015

Account forecast data will now be reloaded correctly when a category has a budget added, edited or removed from the Budgets page.

Bank Statments pie chart respects search dates by default
Update · 13 Mar, 2015

The pie graph on Bank Statements now respects the search dates entered into the main search form by default. So, a date entered into the search form will be immediately reflected in the graph.

Historical forecast and budget information calculation update
Bug fix · 11 Mar, 2015

Historical forecast and budget information is now being calculated when navigating backwards through the calendar, in “Show actuals in history” mode. Previously, calculations weren’t triggered properly when in this mode, meaning required data wasn’t available if “Show actuals” was turned off.

Advisor Access now lets you invite an advisor to manage your account
New feature · 4 Mar, 2015

PocketSmith’s Advisor Access feature allows you to invite an advisor, friend or family member to access and manage your account without requiring your password.

Learn more and see an example on our knowledge base: http://psmth.to/5Z

More robust transaction splitting
Update · 1 Mar, 2015

Splitting transactions now ensures that the sum of the split transaction amounts equals the original transaction amount. Prior to this change it was possible to inadvertently enter amounts that did not sum to the original transaction amount.

Bank Statements view now displays pie charts first
Update · 26 Feb, 2015

The Bank Statements view now displays pie charts first, so you can quickly see if you’re earning more than you’re spending. This can be changed to the traditional line chart by clicking on the ‘Graph’ menu option. PocketSmith will remember your preference for next time.

Tools drop-down to find duplicates and suspected transfers
New feature · 26 Feb, 2015

Bank Statements now has a Tools dropdown within the toolbar, where you’ll find two new options - Find duplicates and Find transfers, alongside the existing Bulk actions item. This allows you to quickly find any suspected transfers between accounts, and ferret out duplicate transactions much quicker.

New pie chart in Bank Statements page
Blog post · 24 Feb, 2015

We have just released pie charts for the Bank Statements page. The pie chart shows a breakdown of your transactions into income and expenses initially, and then you can drill down to show transaction totals by parent categories and sub-categories. The new option is available under the “Graph” menu within the toolbar of Bank Statements.


Scheduled maintenance 23rd / 24th February 2015, up to 2 hours downtime
Blog post · 23 Feb, 2015

We’re performing some regular maintenance to PocketSmith’s servers, which will mean we will be offline while this occurs. This will mean that all services will be unavailable for up to 2 hours on the 24th of February, 2015 (or, 23rd of February in the US).


New zoomable graph
Blog post · 13 Feb, 2015

We have recently updated the graphs on the Bank Statements and Calendar pages, so that you can now easily zoom in on different date periods.


We present to you: multiple currency support. Seasons Greetings!
Blog post · 22 Dec, 2014

With the end of the year rapidly approaching and Christmas in just three days, we’d like take a moment to announce the beta release of multi-currency support in PocketSmith. Following years of planning and months of development, we’ve very excited to get this into your hands!


Recent changes and live feed site support updates
Blog post · 26 Nov, 2014

A quick product update as November comes to a close. We’ve got a number of bits of news about multi-currency, faster uncategorised transaction access, live feed site updates and more, wrapped up in a few paragraphs.


What we're working on now, and other recent releases
Blog post · 10 Oct, 2014

It’s been 6 weeks since we launched the new Bank Statements page and search. The feature has been received extremely well, and it has also saved us significant amounts of time when finding transactions in using PocketSmith ourselves.


Downtime for Bank Statements Upgrades. 12pm NZST, 28th Aug / 5pm PDT, 27th Aug
Blog post · 26 Aug, 2014

We’re happy to announce that after a long period of development and testing, the new Bank Statements search engine is ready to be released! It’s a huge upgrade to our transaction search and management engine, and we can’t wait to you all to be able to finally use it.


Net worth in beta, updated menu, new toolbar and labelling
Blog post · 19 Aug, 2014

We have a few new things to announce in this post. We have released our new Net Worth feature and an Income & Expense report, to our users who have opted into the beta program. This will be released to all users shortly. We have also re-organised the menus and added a new toolbar for most pages. These design improvements are needed for the future features we have planned, and they also make an easier and consistent user experience. The last new update is the ability to label transactions. Labels allow the tagging of transactions across different categories.


Two factor authentication, show original merchant name and other updates
Blog post · 18 Jul, 2014

We’ve just stepped up login security for PocketSmith with a couple of key features! Firstly, two factor authentication has been introduced as an option for all PocketSmith accounts. Secondly, you’re now able to view your login history into your account, so you can always spot any unexpected activity. There are also a range of other improvements released too, which we’ll discuss below.


Live bank feed site support updates, July 2014
Blog post · 1 Jul, 2014

The store of supported live feed sites has been updated, and all new and updated sites are available now in PocketSmith. Over 2,300 new sites have been added to the database, and a further 1,400 were updated. A total of 159 sites were deactivated in this update.


Breakdown of Application and Live Feed Downtime on 27th June 2014
Blog post · 30 Jun, 2014

On Friday the 27th of June, we experienced about 90 minutes of unexpected downtime to fix an error in the way that transaction identifiers from our live feed data provider were being stored. After the fixes were applied, the live feed service was down for an additional 12 hours while transaction ID integrity was verified, and repaired where necessary.


Update required to the Live Feed system
Blog post · 27 Jun, 2014

Update at 2.40am NZST: Live feeds are now back up and running. We’ll be posting up a full breakdown of the incident soon. Thanks for your patience during the live feed downtime!


Annual subscriptions, feelings, Bank Statements alpha and other updates
Blog post · 26 May, 2014

In the last couple of weeks we have been working hard on improving PocketSmith. We are getting closer to releasing the updated ‘Bank Statements’ page and we have had some users help us in testing it. We have received some good feedback during testing which has really helped us. Do you want to give it a try as well? Find out how below.