How To Make The Most Of New Years Sales

A new year always means a clean slate, and it’s the same for businesses as they look to offload stock — time to grab yourself a good deal! Emma shares how you can stock up on helpful bargains without dressing yourself down later for regretful purchases.

Another new year is upon us, and with that comes resolutions, fresh starts, big plans, bold dreams, and of course — new year sales. While we’re all about savvy spending and good financial habits, we know sale periods can be a great opportunity to snap up a bargain, so we’ve compiled our hottest tips on how to make the most of the sales this new year.

Stock up on your health and beauty staples

The best sales purchase are the ones that save you time, energy or stress later on, and we love using the new year’s sales to stock up on skincare, beauty and health staples at a discount. Work out how much of your favorite products you get through each month, and see if you can leverage new year’s discounts to stock up for some of the upcoming year. If you would’ve bought it anyway, it makes sense to get it for less!

Look for gift card deals for big-ticket items

If you know you’re going to be buying a big-ticket item like a laptop, but you’re not quite ready to pounce on a sale, see if you can buy gift cards at a discount. Often you’ll be able to get 10% off gift cards for some major retailers, so you can buy now and spend them when you’re ready. 

Plan gifting for Q1 and Q2

New year sales are the perfect opportunity to get ahead on your gifting for the year. Go through your calendar and map out anyone you want to buy gifts for and see if you can get ahead on your organization by snapping up gifts in the sales — if you find a great gift they’ll love, of course. Don’t buy just for the sake of a sale. 

Research ahead of time

If you’re looking to make a big purchase during new year sales, for example, a new TV or an appliance like a coffee machine, do your research in advance of the sales so you’re not caught up in frantic sale messaging. Compare reviews and specs, and then compile a shortlist of products you’d like to snap up. Then, go into the new year sales armed with the intel you need to snag a great deal. 

It can also help to set a price you’re willing to pay before the sales kick off. Then, if the price drops that low, you’re ready to go. If not, that’s your reminder to take a beat and think it through — you don’t want to wind up with an impulse purchase.

Scout out which retailers offer price matching or price beating

Some stores offer price match or price beat on products they stock, and the new year sales periods can be a great time to scout these opportunities out. If you find a great price online but would rather buy from another retailer — maybe you want to buy in-store, or maybe you’ve got a voucher to use — you might find your preferred store will match or even beat the price you’ve found. School up on where offers price matching so you’re prepared in advance.

Get discounts on courses and classes

If you’re looking to take a course or a class in the new year, perhaps as part of a new year’s resolution, you might find deals and discounts around the new year. Factor this into your budget planning, too, and try to make sure you’re ready to pounce when the right price presents itself.  

Look out for sales on subscriptions and memberships

Some of your favorite subscriptions and memberships may offer new year discounts or promotions, so keep your eyes peeled. You could snag a great price for renewing, and save yourself some life admin later!

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Emma Edwards is a finance copywriter and blogger, on a mission to humanize the financial services industry by creating meaningful content that’s accessible and empowering. You’ll find her penning money tips at her blog, The Broke Generation, sharing financial insights on Instagram, or injecting life into content for her business clients. 

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