Tell-a-Friend Is Here! Share PocketSmith and Earn Rewards

We’re wrapping up 2020 by making it easier for our lovely community to share PocketSmith with friends and family! Help them be more productive with their money, by gifting them a free month of PocketSmith Premium. If they choose to stay, you get a free month too. Everybody wins!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new feature called Tell-a-Friend. It lets you give a free one-month subscription to the friends you invite to PocketSmith, with an opportunity to earn a month’s credit on your subscription if they decide to stay.

The program is now available as a perk for our long-term customers, so look for it beside your username in the PocketSmith menu. If you’re a newer customer and would like to take part, please send us a request.

2020 has been a challenging year and financial stress is on the rise for many households. It’s a topic that can be difficult to talk about, but a timely gesture of encouragement from a friend could make a big difference.

Please tell the friends you’ve invited to reach out to us if they need any help! Our wonderful, caring support team is here to back them up. We also have PocketSmith Pals, our active community of users on Facebook who are great at sharing tips.

How does the PocketSmith Tell-a-Friend program work?

When you have access to Tell-a-Friend, you’re provided with a unique link that lets you gift your friends with a free month of PocketSmith Premium. Let them get a taste of all that PocketSmith can do!

If your friend continues with their upgraded PocketSmith plan at the end of their free month, then you get a month added to your subscription. If you’re on the free plan, you’ll receive a trial upgrade to our Premium plan. Easy!

Your Tell-a-Friend dashboard is available by clicking the Tell-a-Friend link in the main menu bar or heading to Settings > Subscription & Billing > Tell a friend. From here, you can view your Tell-a-Friend link, which can be shared with friends to whom you’d like to gift a month of PocketSmith. Or, enter an email address, and we’ll send your friend an email with your Tell-a-Friend link in it.

Then when someone signs up for PocketSmith after clicking on your unique link, your Tell-a-Friend dashboard will show that this is the case. In the interests of privacy, we won’t show who exactly signed up - but you’ll be able to see when they signed up and what plan they’re on.

When a person continues on an upgraded plan, you’ll see what you were rewarded with on this page too. We’ll also let you know via email when you’ve received a reward!

Thank you

We’ve been a company that has grown largely through word-of-mouth thanks to you and our community of dedicated customers. Together, we understand the value of financial clarity and the ability to comfortably make sound financial decisions, and we wish the same for our friends and families.

Tell-a-Friend is a way for us to thank you for spreading the word. We hope that your gift subscriptions can make a difference to those looking to make good on their New Year’s money resolutions.

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