Retiree Cliff Coordinates Multiple Accounts With PocketSmith

We asked some of our wonderful users to share how they use PocketSmith to be productive with their money and plan for the future. Their stories are filled with ideas, suggestions and inspiration on how you can start crafting a meaningful relationship with your finances.

Read how Cliff manages all of his investments and pensions in retirement using PocketSmith.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a retired small business owner used to using Xero at work, with a lot of small investments including securities and pensions.

How would you describe your role in your household?

The one person managing the money through retirement for my partner and me.

What drew you to PocketSmith?

The fact that it linked to the majority of accounts — I hadn’t realized that live feeds from investment companies like Vanguard were possible. And where this isn’t possible I can create my own accounts and maintain them manually.

How long have you been with us?

A year.

What do you primarily use PocketSmith for?

Daily reconciliation of all card and bank accounts with monthly updating of the investments not on a bank feed.

How has PocketSmith changed the way you do money?

I can do everything on it and no longer need to use spreadsheets. Just takes five minutes a day.

What are your favorite features?

  • Graphs for every account so I can even see how stock market performance is reflected in my investments on a daily basis.
  • Grouping of accounts so I can separate long-term investments, especially pensions, where I can monitor short-term daily expenditures.
  • Net Worth graph and ‘rolling year’ option on the P&L sheet.

Got any tips?

Take some time to appreciate the differences from double-entry packages like Xero and read the instructions to appreciate all the features.

What’s the best money decision you made in the past 12 months?

Subscribing to PocketSmith.

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