How To Make Your Charitable Donations Go Further With Supergenerous

Making our money go further and doing some good while we’re at it — sounds right up our alley! Our friends at Supergenerous help you to do just that, allowing you to regift up to 33% of your charitable donations. CEO and co-founder Guillaume Dehan talks to us about how they’re helping charities all around New Zealand.

At Supergenerous, our mission is to supercharge the impact of human generosity. We’ve created a digital platform and service to allow everyday Kiwis to effortlessly regift up to 33% of their charitable donations — meaning charities, schools and religious organizations get a top-up on the original donation rather than those unclaimed donation tax rebates sitting there at the IRD.

We’re big fans of making the most of your money, so we reckon PocketSmith users are already on the same wavelength as us. We’ll tell you a bit about us and what we do first, and then we’re keen to let you know why a PocketSmith x Supergenerous combo is a good thing for everyone. 

How Supergenerous came to life

Our research uncovered that over 60% of Kiwis who donate to New Zealand charitable organizations don’t claim their donation tax rebates — some of them don’t even know they can. If these aren’t claimed, they just sit there with the IRD, and after four years they disappear. With approximately 250 million dollars of tax rebates going unclaimed every year (and over 1 billion over the past four years!) this is a huge wasted opportunity. So Franco Sabadini and I got to work on creating a digital platform and service to make it easy for anyone to access rebates — critically, without having to fossick around and dig out old receipts. That platform, Supergenerous, has been helping Kiwis do just this for two years now and we now have thousands of registered users. 

We are a social enterprise rather than a charity, meaning we charge a small 10% + GST fee on rebates claimed. We use those funds to deliver our service and continue to improve our platform.

The Supergenerous mission

Our aim is to help New Zealanders claim their donation tax rebates without hassle. Once people sign up to Supergenerous, we collect their donation information, claim on their behalf and they will never have to make a donation tax claim again. We also provide them with the choice to collect the rebates or re-gift it on their behalf to the charities they support. Their regift then becomes a new donation which we claim the following year, so the giving… well, it keeps on giving! We’ve already helped generous Kiwis claim over $4.5 million dollars and regift $277,000 — and we’re just getting started.

We’d love to help unlock your generosity 

We know that people who are on top of their finances and have a clear picture of what’s coming and going are better positioned to put aside a portion of their income towards charitable giving. With PocketSmith, all of those donation transactions are right there at your fingertips — we ask you which charities, schools and religious donations you’ve given to in the last four years, so it’s perfect for making the Supergenerous sign-up even easier. Beyond donations, the rebates you claim back can also be put towards your PocketSmith subscription to supercharge your financial productivity for the year ahead.

Here’s what to do to sign up with Supergenerous:

  1. Find your IRD number and have it handy
  2. Have your PocketSmith account ready so you can see your historical donations
  3. Head to our sign-up page and input your details
  4. Sit back and relax while we take care of claiming your rebates

Once we’ve got your rebates in hand, we’ll let you know.

If you’re interested in learning more

  • We work with New Zealanders only at the moment, so you’ll need to have a current taxable income in Aotearoa.
  • An eligible donation is a donation over $5 made to an approved donee organization (a charity, school or religious organization) within the last four tax years.
  • Supergenerous is approved by the IRD as a Tax Agent, for the purpose of making donation tax claims on behalf of individuals in New Zealand. We’ve already helped thousands of users claim and re-gift or collect rebates.
  • If you’ve got any other questions, you can check out our FAQs page.

We’d love to have you on board to help us supercharge the impact of your generosity!

Guillaume is on a mission to make NZ the most generous country in the world! He has worked in over five countries for start-ups and multi-billion-dollar asset management firms and is using this experience for good.

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