World Investor Week: Investing Spotlight With PocketSmither Dora

We asked some of our PocketSmith net worth nurturers about their investing philosophy and what their investing journey has looked like so far! Dora balances spontaneity in her personal life and moderation in her investments, which is something she’s instilling in her son’s investing habits too.

How did you first become interested in investing?

I didn’t think about actively investing until I joined PocketSmith four years ago! We have an awesome #investing Slack channel at work, and I lurked there for a while before gaining the confidence to ask some questions and start the journey for myself. 

Before that, I held some investment-linked insurance plans I bought as a clueless 20-something-year-old in Singapore. 

Are you more of a long-term investor or a short-term trader?

Long-term. In my daily life, I value fun, creativity, and spontaneity, but in my investing life, I’m the opposite! I’m methodical, practical, and I don’t tend to chase fads or do anything rash. 

What role does diversification play in your investment strategy?

I didn’t set out to intentionally build a diversified portfolio, but at this stage in my life, I’ve gathered a variety of assets, including equities, property, and bonds.  

Are there any investing books, courses, or resources that you’ve found particularly valuable?

Aside from our work Slack channel, I have to credit my good friend Ruth Henderson for the incredible wealth of content she puts out on The Happy Saver blog and podcast! 

Have you ever considered investing in something purely for the novelty factor?

Not really. My rule of thumb is to only invest in ETFs and not individual stocks. But I sure am having fun living vicariously through my sons’ investment decisions. My younger son, who’s an aviation enthusiast, recently bought some Air New Zealand shares through Sharesies. It was quite lovely helping him weigh up the pros and cons and seeing the excitement on his face when he eventually made the purchase.

What does sustainable investing mean to you?

Sustainable investing means making decisions through the lens of social and environmental responsibility. Essentially, asking myself if my investment decision will help or harm others. It’s not tough to do when you have kids. 

How do you handle the emotional aspects of investing, such as dealing with market volatility or making tough decisions during downturns?

I automate my investing, so there’s really no emotion involved at all. I invest a fixed amount every week in a few ETFs, and I re-invest any dividends that come through. I don’t pay too much attention to market volatility because it’s part and parcel of the cyclical nature of investing. 

Interestingly, when it comes to property, I find it harder not to get emotional. I think it’s because my husband and I didn’t set out to become landlords (ew, the concept in itself is one that doesn’t align with my personal values). But when we moved to New Zealand, we decided to hold on to our beloved apartment in Singapore and rent it out with the view of someday living in it again. We’re so fortunate to have kind and reliable tenants in it, but the administration that comes with managing a rental from overseas can sometimes be stressful!

Which three emojis would you use to describe your current portfolio?


Disclaimer: The information provided on this blog about investing is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. PocketSmith are not accountable for any actions or decisions made based on the information presented.

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