Our 2021 Picks: Favourite Business and Financial Podcasts

So many podcasts, so little time! Not to worry, we’ve curated a list of our favorite business and financial podcasts that educate, inspire and very frequently, make us chuckle. All that’s left is to pick a show, put on your headphones, and prepare to come away with something new.

We love podcasts here at PocketSmith, and as Edison Research’s 2021 Infinite Dial study shows, so do a growing number of listeners.

Many media commentators are hailing 2021 as the Year of the Podcast because, more so than many other new media infrastructures, podcasts are uniquely suited to meet the moment. One where pandemic, lockdowns, border closures, and remote working have significantly altered our world. It’s estimated that 41% of the total US population above the age of 12 (or about 116 million Americans) are now monthly podcast listeners, up from 37% in 2020!

So without further ado, we’ve rounded up our favorite business and financial podcasts for 2021 (so far).

Planet Money

Launched in 2008 during the financial crisis, Planet Money is a weekly National Public Radio (NPR) show that’s as entertaining as it is informative.

“We try really hard every episode to find creative, entertaining ways to make sense of the big, complicated forces that move our economy. That’s why we made a t-shirt and traced the supply chain around the world from cotton field to factory; bought 100 barrels of crude oil and followed it from ground to gas tank; launched a satellite; and built an adorable algorithmic trading Twitter bot.”

Review: “I never thought I’d enjoy a show on money or finance or the economy. But this is so much more than that. This is how the economy influences our lives. It’s always interesting, informative, entertaining and sometimes laugh out loud funny.”

Freakonomics Radio

Hosted by Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of the Freakonomics books, Freakonomics Radio tackles tough questions with wit and humor.

“Freakonomics Radio tells you things you always thought you knew (but didn’t) and things you never thought you wanted to know (but do) – from the economics of sleep to how to become great at just about anything. Dubner speaks with Nobel laureates and provocateurs, intellectuals and entrepreneurs, and various other underachievers.”

Review: “It truly does explore the hidden side of everything! With amazing guests, a very entertaining presenter and great soundbites, this is one of the best!”

More or Less: Behind the Stats

Every week, BBC’s More or Less team explains – and occasionally debunks – the numbers and statistics used in headlines and discussions around us.

Review: “Best podcast on the internet if interested in news. Has made me think more critically about the news around me. Mixture of topical and serious, whilst also having the odd seemingly silly question and being extremely accessible.”

Personal Finance

Starting close to home, here are several Kiwi podcasts we listen to and learn lots from!

The Happy Saver

Ruth Henderson is the friend you’ve always wanted to discuss money issues with – straight-talking yet non-judgmental and empathetic. Her podcast The Happy Saver tells the stories of everyday Kiwis and their experience with money in their lives.

Review: “I have listened to every podcast and strongly recommend. You started me on my own personal finance journey in the most kind and authentic manner!”

It’s No Secret

It’s No Secret is a new weekly podcast that already has a loyal following! Hosted by ex-financial adviser Cat, and beginner investor, Christine, each episode answers a specific money question in plain English. No financial jargon and long ramblings.

Review: “These two have a great, refreshing view on how to tackle financial problems in all situations. Thought-provoking and honest with practical and realistic advice. Can’t wait to hear more.”

Cooking the Books

Every week, reformed money mess Frances Cook tackles a different money problem in her popular podcast Cooking the Books. From how to negotiate a pay rise, to achieving financial security without a house, Frances doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations and always does so with humor and grace.

Review: “I just love Frances Cook’s no-nonsense attitude, earnestness and social media presence – I will be listening to her when I’m 80, I’m convinced.”

And from across the Tasman, here are some of our favorite Aussie listens.

She’s On The Money

One of Australia’s top money podcasts, She’s on the Money is all about taking the fear out of finance and helping listeners take control of their own money journey. Millennial financial advisor Victoria Devine hosts a relatable and fun show that covers diverse topics from divorce to ethical investing, how not to buy a car and student loans.

Review: “I’m not an expert. I’m very much a beginner with bad habits and I’ve tried reading a lot of finance books over the years to no avail. They all just seem to over-complicate it and be vague on how to succeed financially. Not this podcast. 10/5 stars!”

Aussie Firebug

Aussie Firebug is hosted by country boy Matt, who is on track to reach Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE). He interviews guests who have already achieved FIRE or are on their way to financial freedom.

Review: “You have inspired me to change my life. Also, my 15-year-old son is starting investing and saving 60% of his Maccas wage to invest. Thank you.”

My Millennial Money

“Come for the money chat, stay for the LOLs,” recommends one listener. Behind My Millennial Money hosts Glen James and John Pidgeon light-hearted banter is lots of informative content for the financially curious.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Side Hustle School

A daily dose of pure inspiration, Side Hustle School is for anyone working a regular job wanting to start an income-earning project on the side. Host Chris Gillebeau interviews side hustlers from all walks of life, and find out from them what went well, what didn’t, and what happened as a result.

Review: “I’m retiring and need a side hustle income stream to pay the costs of the travel and dining I would like to enjoy. After listening to many of these episodes, I’ve been inspired to figure out which personal interest and passion has the potential for profit. Now, I’m ready to go!”

The Side Hustle Show

Part-time entrepreneur and passive income champion Nick Loper hosts The Side Hustle Show, which covers all aspects of starting a business and making money, both online and off!

Review: “Love the show and definitely appreciate your opening up my creative thought process. So many great ideas and stories from people who make it happen!”

Tech Out Loud

New podcast on the block Tech Out Loud has a unique proposition. It reads aloud the most impactful blog posts from the biggest names in tech – from Noah Kagan’s growth hacking wisdom to Hiten Shah’s essential checklist questions for startup founders – so you can get your weekly fix of tech wisdom on the go!

The $100 MBA Show

No theoretical debates here. Omar Zenhom’s The $100 MBA Show offers concise, practical tips that you can put into action after each episode. Best thing? There’s a new episode every week day!

Review: “I feel so blessed that $100 MBA exists and is easy to access. The information is practical and gives me daily hope. Omar and his team deserve every good thing they receive!”

We’re always keen for more podcast recommendations, so if you have any suggestions, please send them our way at [email protected].

*All reviews are from Apple Podcasts.

Dora is Head of Marketing here at PocketSmith. She’s the mum of two boys, and calls both Singapore and New Zealand home. She’s obsessed with succulents, sci-fi and bubble tea, and is waiting for the day a novel will combine all three. Maybe she should just write it herself.

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