Added Salt Edge bank feed integration for EU and UK accounts
New feature · 31 Oct, 2019

We have restored the ability for users with accounts in the European Union and United Kingdom to have bank feeds, by using a new bank feed provider - Salt Edge.

We found out at a very late stage that our existing bank feed provider Yodlee wasn’t going to be able to provide us with bank feeds in the EU and UK past the PSD2 deadline of 14 September 2019, as detailed in this post.

Since learning of this, we have been hard at work trying to find solutions for easily importing of transactions for EU and UK accounts. Luckily, we found that Salt Edge provided a solution that was able to work within PSD2 regulations and we have been hurriedly integrating this into PocketSmith.

We have just released the Salt Edge integration and you can find out how to set this up for your EU and UK accounts with the following guide: Salt Edge: UK & EU bank feeds.

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