One-off budget event improvements
Update · 24 Jul, 2019

We have recently improved how PocketSmith deals with one-off budget events, and things will now behave in a way which we think is more usable and sensible.

One-off budget events are no longer “inserted” into a series of repeating budgets within the same category, and will not stand alone within a sequence of repeating budgets. So, if you add an extra $50 to your $170 weekly Groceries budget, you’ll have a $220 grocery budget that week - instead of the extra $50 forming its own budget period.

Also, one-off budgets will no longer have a period which extends forward to the end of your forecast. Due to recent improvements in how flexible we can be in budget analysis, this is no longer necessary to provide an accurate analysis of a series of one-off budget events.

Various other small quirks and oddities with one-off budget events will also have been fixed with this release. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or any unexpected quirks as a result of this release, please get in touch and let us know!

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