Track your memories
with your purchases.

Be free to journal what you wish.

Write for yourself, not for social media.

Your transactions are
a true record of your history.

Use them to take note of experiences that you need, or would like to, recall later.

Think of it like a journal that’s guided by your spending activity.


PocketSmith automatically gets your transactions from your credit card and bank.

Your record is constantly updated for you. Just add notes, photos and attachments.

Use PocketSmith's deep search engine to quickly find a memory.

Now, what was the name of that cute restaurant we had dinner at in Invercargill?


What else do you need to remember?

Dining experiences

What was the name of that place we ate at, and was it worth the money?

Auto maintenance history

What was wrong with the car, and how much have I spent on it this year?

Big, expensive purchases

How much did we spend on that new oven last year, and do we have a copy of the receipt?

Great bargains

I know I found a good price for limes last year, but where did I get them from?

Visits to the doctor

When was the last time we took the kids to the dentist, and what was it for?

How you felt about a purchase

What can I learn about my spending habits from the notes I've written?

And so much more.
Track your history to make effective comparisons with the past
and better decisions for the future.

We have features to grow with you.

PocketSmith is a complete personal finance solution.
Global Bank Feeds
Beautiful modern UI
Manual imports
Powerful and fast
Safe spending and budgeting
Responsive support
Secure and safe to use
Financial forecasting
Active development
Email account updates
Schedule bills in a calendar
Net Worth and investments
Annotate your transactions
Analyse your Cash Flow
Send expenses to Xero
iOS and Android mobile apps
Multi-currency support

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