Get a clear view of your personal finances.

PocketSmith's flexible reporting lets you build a view of your finances and future that is exactly what you want.

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Be a super organizer

Track your money in one place and find anything you need.

Perfect for households

Pick from a range of tools designed to make sense of more complex finances.

Drill into the detail

Get to the insights you need in an easy and intuitive manner.

Beautiful dashboards you'll love.

Dashboards are visual summaries of all the things that matter to you. You can make a dashboard for every aspect of your life, or even different household members if you'd like.

Get the full story of your personal net worth.

What's your net worth today?

Our personal net worth app allows you to measure your total financial performance across all accounts, assets and liabilities.

Track more than just cash

Keep tabs on property, investments and vehicles.

Link liabilities to assets

Link debts such as hire purchases, loans and mortgages to your assets.

See your net worth grow

Make adjustments as the value of your assets grow.

Measure your financial health with the Income and Expense report.

Profit & Loss

Get a personal P&L statement to see if you, or your projects, are making or losing money.

Earning and spending totals

See transaction totals by category, separated into income and expense.

Export the report

Download the report into a spreadsheet that can be shared with other people.

Get a cashflow statement without touching a spreadsheet.

Your money is automatically organized into an interactive cashflow table that lets you click figures to see each set of transactions.

No more formulas

The tables are automatically created and totalled for you, no need for Excel.

See years at a glance

Get the whole picture in one view so you can make sharp decisions.

Track the past and future

See your historical and projected monthly totals by category.

I have a much greater understanding of our overall financial situation. Guaranteed peace of mind!

—Dave, Australia

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“I love PocketSmith because you can tailor it in a way that makes sense to you.” —Ruth,
Easily switch from or other apps

Getting started is easy! Use our Express Migration tool to easily bring over all your accounts, transactions and categories.

Make your finances a team sport

Invite another PocketSmith user - be it an advisor, friend or family member - to access and manage your account.

Bank-level security with 2FA

Secure your account by requiring a code from your mobile phone along with your username and password.

PocketSmith works with you

Set up your dashboards and finances in the way that makes sense, and get email summaries of your financial activity sent at a schedule you choose