Frequently Asked Questions

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How secure are my credit card details?

We do not store any credit card details on our servers for recurring billing - we leave that up to the professionals.

Payment Express ( are our chosen credit card processor, because of their security and long standing in the online credit card processing industry. Payment Express store all of your credit card details and provide PocketSmith with a secure Billing ID that only we can use to charge your credit card. So as well as all the other security features we list below, none of your credit card number information is ever stored by PocketSmith. Ever. See their privacy policy here.

How secure is PocketSmith?

Your connection to PocketSmith is always encrypted. This means that all information that goes between your internet browser (e.g. pages, images etc) can only be read by the server or you computer - even in the case that someone else is 'listening in' to the connection they will not be able to read any of the information that is being transferred - they just get scrambled garbage.

Is it safe to upload my transactions to PocketSmith?

The OFX and CSV features are completely safe, with no personally identifiable information ever read or stored. When you upload your transactions into PocketSmith, the only information that is read and processed are your individual transactions; all other information is discarded from the system.

But what about personal information that I give you in creating my account?

We do not ask you to provide us with anything that may reveal who you are, the only detail that we require is your email address so that we can verify that you are not a 'robot' creating fake accounts, and for us to get in touch with you on a periodical basis.

How secure is my password?

Your password is not stored as ‘clear-text’ in the database. We store a hash of the password instead, which cannot be reversed back into your actual password.

What security practices are put in place around the live bank feed service?

We chose Yodlee to provide live data feeds, as an optional service that PocketSmith users can choose to utilise.

There is a full discussion of the security practices of the bank feed service on our knowledgebase.

Billing and Refund Policy

How does the billing work?

Once you sign up for paid-for PocketSmith account, you will be billed on a monthly basis from the day after the creation of your account. The subscription is paid for in advance.

If I upgrade my account, when will I be charged the additional amount?

If you upgrade from a free account to a paid plan, you will be charged the next day for the proceeding month. If you upgrade your plan from another paid plan, you will be billed for the new plan amount on your next billing date (shown on your Account page).

If I decide to cancel my account or downgrade to the free plan, can I get a refund for the remainder of my billing month?

We do not give refunds for part months used, just as we don't charge for part months when you decide to upgrade :)

We also do not give refunds if you want to cancel your account after creation, however we do not bill you immediately, so you are able to cancel your account prior to the time shown when you sign up.


Can I use all of PocketSmith's features, no matter where I live?

Yes you can! We love that PocketSmith has an international community. As we better understand what our global users need, we will be adding new features to suit. If you're not from a dollar-based country, you can localise PocketSmith in the Accounts area by:

  • Changing the currency used by the application. You can do this in the Accounts area.
  • Changing the timezone to suit your location.

More importantly, PocketSmith supports OFX (an international standard for financial transactions), and user-specified CSV formats. This means you can upload your bank transactions no matter where you live.

If you encounter difficulties uploading your transactions, please contact us at [email protected].


How can I report a bug or leave feedback?

While using PocketSmith you can use the "Contact Support" link, which is under the Help menu. Your comments and suggestions are highly valuable as they keep us informed of what our users want. You can also contact us at [email protected].

Updated Aug 5, 2015