Feature in beta: Sneak peek of new category analysis and roll-up budgets

JUL 01, 2016
A beta preview of the new category budget analysis is now available at https://budgetingbeta.pocketsmith.com/budgets. The primary change you'll see are new graphs when you drill-down into an individual category, where you'll also find roll-up budget analysis.

The default Budgets front page hasn't visually changed yet, and there are a few bugs we're still working through here. We're also discussing the plan for bringing roll-up budgeting to the fore here too, as well as other improvements that are possible now that the background work has been completed.

The site at https://budgetingbeta.pocketsmith.com can be used alongside the main application at https://my.pocketsmith.com, as data will remain consistent between both. Please let us know any feedback you have about the beta!