Xero Personal migration tool, cashflow updates, transfers, and more
Blog post · 1 Oct, 2013

We’ve built a feature for Xero Personal users to easily move their existing data to PocketSmith, as Xero Personal will be winding down in November 2014. It’s nicknamed ‘Xero Express’, and takes a CSV export from Xero Personal - much like how ‘Mint Express’ works for Mint users.

Xero Personal users can follow a set of steps to export their transactions, and the subsequent import into PocketSmith will bring over accounts, categories, and categorised transactions.

New users will be able to get to Xero Express from the Dashboard. Existing users can head to .

Please note that Xero Express is a migration tool, which means that it’s designed to populate an empty account. As such, importing a Xero Personal CSV with a populated account may result in overwritten or duplicate data.

Xero Personal Migration Tool

Updates to the cashflow statement

We’ve responded to a couple of user requests and updated the Cashflows view for better usability.

  1. The present month is now highlighted
  2. The Summary table containing Closing Balances and Surplus/Deficit columns is now at the top, above Incomes and Expenses

These two changes should make working with cashflows a little bit quicker :-)

Cashflows now highlight the present month, and the summary is displayed on top

Transfer categories are now excluded from the Dashboard donut chart

We’ve implemented the above In response to user feedback. So now, a quick way of excluding a large number of transfer merchants from the Dashboard is to assign the merchants to a single Merchant category.

In order to mark a category as a transfer, just edit the category from the Categories page - it will then no longer display on the Dashboard pie-chart.

Other minor updates

  • Budgets in the Personal Summary that have been scheduled for the future are now displayed alongside active budgets, indicating when the budget will begin. These were previously hidden from view until the budget started.
  • A custom icon is now available when you add PocketSmith to your iPad or iPhone’s home screen.
  • The Categories page is no longer limited to displaying 12 top-level categories for users on the Free subscription. All categories are now displayed, making it simpler for users to adjust and consolidate categories for broader budgeting.

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