Webcal exports for Forecast Calendars available again
Blog post · 7 Feb, 2012

The required changes and adjustments to the webcal export feature have been completed! This sees everyone able to access their Forecast Calendar data in external calendaring applications, such as Google Calendar, iCal on Mac OS X, Mozilla Sunbird and Microsoft Outlook.

To get your unique webcal export URL, head to and log in. You are able to set which calendars you’d like to subscribe to individually, or you can subscribe to all of your calendars at once.

Future Export Options

The new system of calendar exports provides room for flexibility into the future. This means that we can start to include more Webcal-exported PocketSmith data, such as:

  • Transaction data for selected accounts
  • Balance-only for each of your calendars / accounts - both forecast and actual
  • Budget information: budget history and current budgets remaining

If there is other data you’d like to see exported from PocketSmith into your calendar applications, please let us know!

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