Version One iCal Export Functioning Again
Blog post · 31 Dec, 2011

Following the release of PocketSmith v2, we temporarily removed iCal / Google Calendar exporting. Due to the completely new forecasting engine in v2, everything needed to be overhauled from the ground-up.

This overhaul has now been completed, and version one users will be able to access their old iCal export links and Google Calendar will start syncing again.

We have deprecated this old version of calendar exporting, and new users who created their accounts since the v2 launch will not have access to this old style of export by default. **If you are a new user and would like to access the deprecated ical export, please get in touch with us **. If there is demand, we may make the old style of calendar export available for everyone again - let us know if this is something you’d like to see.

This also heralds the start of the new and improved calendar exporting functionality. Based on the advancements made with v2, the exporting will be far more powerful and flexible. We’re thinking; budget category statistics exported with your forecast events, representation of transactions for the past as well and better filtering for excluding calendars / accounts. If you have any ideas, feel free to add them to our Uservoice forum at .

Happy New Year!

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