Various minor improvements, and enhanced Bank Statements coming soon
Blog post · 9 May, 2014

It has been a little while since our last product update post and we have a shiny new home for the update blog. We have been very busy over the last few months, with new team members, a new office and new features for PocketSmith.

Some of the new features we have been working on aren’t quite ready yet, but you can view their progress on our roadmap. We have released the following updates to PocketSmith, with many more to come.


  1. Split transactions notes are now copied from the original transaction note
  2. Import from a certain date option for Live Bank Feeds
  3. No results found notification for other countries Live Bank Feed search, when no feeds are found
  4. Remove ‘Forecast start’ events from the dashboard
  5. Remember de-selected scenarios for the calendar, when changing between bank account tabs
  6. Add thousands separator to summary row of ‘Cashflows’ page
  7. Fix the standard file uploader in Internet Explorer
  8. Re-add reverse amounts option when uploading a file
  9. Added back alerts preferences
  10. Transaction notes added to CSV export
  11. Beta status note for Live Bank Feeds search
  12. And much more to come!

Split transactions notes are now copied from the original transaction note

When splitting a transaction, if the original transaction has a note, it will now be copied to all the split transactions. Once the transaction has been split, you will still be able to edit the note for each new transaction independently from the original transaction.

This is useful for people who’re using note fields for extended transaction information - having these notes go along with split transactions makes things easier to manage.

Import from a certain date option for Live Bank Feeds

You can now choose to only import transactions for your Live Bank Feeds from a certain date for existing accounts. Previously, this option has only been available when you first connect feed accounts. Now you’re able to edit this date by heading to the relevant account’s “Preferences” section, from the Account Summary page.

Live bank feed search notification improvements

The live bank feed search process has been improved, especially when there are no results for the specific search term that has been entered.

Up until now, clicking the “show results from other countries” link could result in no apparent changes showing up on the page. Now, you will receive a notification that no feeds were found. In addition, the “Add Feeds” button used to appear even if there were no search results - this has now been fixed.

‘Forecast start’ events removed from the dashboard

You will no longer see ‘Forecast start’ events on the Your Next 7 Days section of the dashboard. These events are created automatically, to match your actual account balance from your Live Bank Feed with your forecast balance.

Because they don’t pertain directly to any budgets, they don’t make sense to exist on the Dashboard - so they’ve been removed.

De-selected scenarios on the calendar are now remembered

If you de-select a scenario for a bank account on the ‘Calendar’ page, this scenario will not be included in the display balances on the All accounts tab. The selection will also be remembered when switching between the different account tabs.

This means that if you have multiple scenarios assigned to a single account but only a few of them are relevant to your daily budgeting, you can switch off those that aren’t - and they’ll now remain switched off.

Better number formatting in the ‘Cashflows’ page

We’ve enhanced the way that we deal with numbers in the Cashflows page. Up until now, all numbers appeared without any currency symbol, and with no separators for numbers in the 000’s. In addition, parentheses are used for negative numbers now, instead of the minus sign.

This is now consistent with how negative numbers are treated in the rest of the application, and makes large numbers easier to read overall.

File uploading in Internet Explorer works again

The standard import file uploader in Internet Explorer was not previously not working. This is now fixed, meaning people using Internet Explorer version 9+ will be able to fully use PocketSmith again.

Reverse amounts option when uploading a bank file

Previously an option existed that could be set on a per-account basis, which allowed you to specify that all transactions that were manually uploaded to an account had their transaction amounts reversed. This was removed with the major release back in November 2013.

This has now made a re-appearance, and instead now appears directly within the file upload form. This is for the cases that your bank provides a bank file with the credit and debit amounts are the wrong way around - read more about this here.

Added balance forecast alert preferences back

With the release in November 2013, the forecast balance alert preferences panel was removed. This allowed you to set a minimum balance you’d like to see for a scenario / account, and you’ll be alerted on the Dashboard if that balance is dipped below.

Now, there is once again an Alert settings panel within the Account preferences section, meaning you can once again add an alert for the minimum balance of an account. Read more about how this works here.

Transaction notes added to CSV export

We have added an extra column to the CSV transactions export for notes. This means that all of your transaction data is now included in the CSV export. If you’d like any other transaction data to be exported in this file too, please let us know.

Now when you’re searching for live bank feed institutions, we now note if a feed is in beta status. This means that you’ll always be aware if a feed may not work correctly due to being in beta status. As always, let us know if you hit any bank feed issues, and we’ll be happy to help.

And much more to come!

We’re excited about what we’ve got coming up for release. There has been a great number of other background improvements released recently that aren’t discussed above, and we’re also on the verge of releasing the first stage of the enhanced Bank Statements page. We’ll be letting our beta users know about this next week - in the meantime if you have any questions or comments about the above, please get in touch!

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