What we're working on now, and other recent releases
Blog post · 10 Oct, 2014

It’s been 6 weeks since we launched the new Bank Statements page and search. The feature has been received extremely well, and it has also saved us significant amounts of time when finding transactions in using PocketSmith ourselves.

Since this launch, we’ve been pushing out improvements across the application, both minor and significant. We’ll run through these below - but first, let’s talk new things!

What we’re working on right now

With the new Bank Statements page released and fixed over the past weeks, we’ve been able to make significant progress on two long standing roadmap items.

Firstly, the way that graphing is approached has been re-written. The graph has been repositioned to make the app more usable, and significant behind the scenes changes have taken place, setting things up for more graph and chart options to be released, including the long awaited roll-up budget analysis. The first round of these changes will be released early next week.

Secondly, our full multi-currency implementation has been gathering steam. The first release will focus on displaying converted account balances, so PocketSmith can display unified net worth across all accounts, optionally converted to a base currency. We expect that beta users will be able to start using this by the end of October.

New Income and Expense Statement

We introduced a new Income and Expense report into beta a few weeks ago, which allows you to display Actual versus Budgeted amounts for a specified date range, for either all accounts or any individual one of them.

There is much room for improvement for this new report still, however we hope that this early release is still useful to you!

Income and Expense Statement beta

Net Worth Improvements, nearing end of beta

Net Worth has received a number of upgrades over the past few weeks, based on user feedback and using the feature ourselves. Aside from bugfixes, we’ve released the ability to be able to link liabilities directly to an asset, plus improvements in balance information and account link display.

Early next week we’ll also be releasing further improvements to balance information. This will make asset account balances clearer, and also sets up for more balance information for multi-currency accounts.

Send to Xero feature in beta

If your company uses Xero to manage it’s books, you’re now able to send your business receipts and expense claims to Xero from PocketSmith. Once you’ve established your connection with your business on Xero, you’ll be shown a link in the transaction edit form to “Send Receipt to Xero”. Clicking this lets you enter the receipt details, and then you send it straight to Xero. More details can be found in the knowledgebase article.

Send to Xero in beta

While this feature is in beta, connections to Xero will only last 30 minutes. PocketSmith has been approved as a partner application by Xero, which means that indefinite connections will be able to be established soon. So while in beta, connections will have to be re-established each time you log into PocketSmith.

Application tours are now available

We recently released a new tour system, with a specific tour for each page which takes you through the various parts of the feature. You’re able to start a tour by selecting the “Start tour” item underneath the “Help” main menu.

Application Tour on Bank Statements page

Though this is designed for new users, do take a quick look at the tour for each page - you may be introduced to something you hadn’t noticed before!


Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support - as always, please get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments.

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