Sunday 7th October - Bank Feed Data Provider experiencing technical difficulties
Blog post · 7 Oct, 2012

Update Monday 8th October 11am NZST: the problems have been resolved by the data provider and normal service has resumed. Thanks for your patience!

We have been made aware that the Bank Feed service data provider is experiencing technical difficulties, particularly when trying to add new institutions to the Bank Feed service.

We’ve opened a critical support ticket with them, and we will post any updates that we receive from them on this page.

Thank you for your patience while we resolve the problems with the data provider, we’re sorry for the inconvenience this presents. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Details on the issues

When adding a new institution to the Bank Feed service, the error messages 508 and 525 are being returned. Both of these error codes mean that the provider has timed out in trying to gather multi-factor information. We’ve noticed that this is occurring for non-multi-factor authentication institutions as well.

This appears to have been happening since midnight Sun 7th Oct NZST / 4am Sat 6th Oct PDT, and appears at this stage to only affect the addition of new sites.

We’re hopeful that it is a simple matter for the data provider to resolve - we’ll post updates and further details as they come to hand.

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