Recent changes and live feed site support updates
Blog post · 26 Nov, 2014

A quick product update as November comes to a close. We’ve got a number of bits of news about multi-currency, faster uncategorised transaction access, live feed site updates and more, wrapped up in a few paragraphs.

Our multi-currency implementation has progressed significantly since our last update. This is now up to an internal testing phase while we iron out the last few kinks, which primarily revolve around fallbacks for conversions.

There is now an all uncategorised button on the Dashboard, which lets you quickly jump to the Bank Statements page and start categorising those transactions that still need to be sorted.

A number of bugs with the Income and Expense have been fixed over the past weeks, and we’ve introduced the ability to directly link a liability to an asset in Net Worth. We’re confident in these features and no new issues have been reported recently, so we’ve removed the (Beta) tag from these features. This doesn’t mean we’ve finished with them though!

The bank feed service has been updated to cope with the data provider changing transaction descriptions. In the vast majority of cases, when transaction details change at the bank Yodlee replaces the whole transaction instead of making individual updates. However sometimes (notably for Westpac Australia) this is not the case, and just the description would change. From now, if you’ve not updated the transaction description but Yodlee has, you should see that change appear in PocketSmith.

We’ve also just updated our bank feed site support list, which makes 809 new sites available, with a further 1281 updated and 78 removed. You’re able to view the full list of changes at Note that this page is large, and may take a while to load - but once it has been loaded you’ll be able to search through all changed sites.

There will certainly be another update before the end of the year - advanced multi-currency support is very near on the horizon!

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