PocketSmith Mobile Public Alpha Release
Blog post · 30 Apr, 2012

All PocketSmith users are now able to access the Alpha version of PocketSmith Mobile! After many, many requests, we’re happy to be able to share this first cut of the new Mobile PocketSmith with you.

App URL:

Below are some screenshots of the application, with some noted highlights below. The balances have been jumbled up - rest assured you’ll see your real balances when you log in!


  • 1 Mobile Dashboard: Balances and “Can I Spend”
  • 2 Calendars and their Events
  • 3 Accounts and their Transactions
  • 4 Mobile Summary
  • 5 Offline Support
  • 6 Getting Started!

Mobile Dashboard: Balances and “Can I Spend”

Psmob-dashboard-1.png Psmob-dashboard-2.png

First and foremost, we want you to be able to access your most recent Forecast and Actual balances immediately. Swipe on the balances area to skip to the next account, tap to go straight to the Transactions or Events pages.

“Can I Spend” allows you to see if you can afford to spend from one of your calendars, checking your forecast balances to see if you’d drop below a minimum balance. Combined with Bank Feed syncing and the soon-to-come Calendar to Account links, this will help stop you from impulse spending when you have that quarterly bill just a few weeks away!

Calendars and their Events

Psmob-calendars.png Psmob-events.png

The calendars page features all of your Calendar balances in a list, and tapping on a calendar will take you to the Forecast Event list for that calendar. These types of lists (both Forecast Events and Transactions) use “Pull to refresh” to scan forward and backwards in time.

Feature to-do: editing and adding new Forecast Events with offline support (i.e. can be added when your device is offline, and will sync when it comes back online).

Accounts and their Transactions

Psmob-accounts.png Psmob-transactions.png

Very similar to the Calendars / Events listings. We’ve included all the pertinent information regarding each transaction in one line, with the merchant description being truncated. We think it is important to see the whole amount and category over the merchant description!

Feature to-do: adding and editing new Transactions with offline support, editing focus on being able to quickly assign transactions / merchants.

Mobile Summary


A list of your current budgets, displaying how much you have spent against your Forecast Events within the current Event Period.

Feature to-do: extended details on each summary category. We’re considering allowing user configurable start and end dates, so you can expand the comparison period to any that you’d like.

Offline Support

This version of PocketSmith Mobile is offline-capable, but results can vary depending on how much the app has been used while online, how recently the mobile browser cache has been cleared, and whether the application has been added to the home screen or not.

Offline support has been tested on iOS devices, and we’re starting to compile some tips on how to ensure things work here: Tips for offline support in PocketSmith Mobile.

Getting Started!

Just point your browser at and log in to get started.

We’ll be implementing a formal feedback system soon, however for the meantime, any feedback via email you can provide would be great.

Thank you for your patience while we got the Mobile app to this stage. We know that many of you have been waiting sometime for this. We sincerely hope that this first cut has been worth the wait!

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