Personal Summary for any time period, plus CSV category assignments
Blog post · 18 May, 2012

One feature which was lost with v2 of PocketSmith was the ability to see how much you spend on any particular category for any period. In the consolidation we did of the PocketSmith v1 comparison graphs into the unified one in v2, we lost this very valuable piece of functionality. We’ve now released a re-imagining of examining your spending for any time period, utilising the new budget history graphs of v2.

We’ve also released an update which allows categories to be assigned directly from an uploaded CSV. Read on for more details on each of these features.

Personal Summary for any time period

Using the existing v2 budget graphs, we’ve added a “reframe” drop-down selector for each category. This allows you to switch the visualizations from the standard “Event Period”, through to using any number of months or weeks as the time periods.

As an example, below is the same period of time for a “Phone” budget, shown with three different periods ways.

The standard category Personal Summary by Event Period

Category personal summary shown by quarter / 3 months

Category personal summary shown by 6 weekly periods

It’d be great to hear what you think about these! We’ve made a few hard-and-fast decisions about the implemention (e.g. using only the calendar month, and always using the current month or week as the last of the sequence) and if you see anything strange about how we’ve executed, please let us know.

Category creation via CSV upload

This is of most use to new users, however if you have access to a CSV file with pre-assigned categories contained within it, you’re now able to automatically create Categories and have them assigned to the merchants created when you upload your transactions.

To do this, just upload the CSV file in question, select “Setup a new format” and select a “Category” column. This will then create a category with this name, and assign the Merchant to it if:

  1. the Merchant is not already assigned to another category / Forecast Event
  2. the category is not one of the ignored categories

This means that if you have an account in another personal finance application with categories in place, you’re now able to quickly get it imported into PocketSmith.


We just wanted to thank all the users who have given us feedback on the Mobile alpha over the past couple of weeks. With the above release, we’ll now be focussing our attentions on getting the Mobile app up to beta phase, addressing the items on the roadmap page. In the meantime, please feel free to get in touch with any feedback you have.

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