Net worth in beta, updated menu, new toolbar and labelling
Blog post · 19 Aug, 2014

We have a few new things to announce in this post. We have released our new Net Worth feature and an Income & Expense report, to our users who have opted into the beta program. This will be released to all users shortly. We have also re-organised the menus and added a new toolbar for most pages. These design improvements are needed for the future features we have planned, and they also make an easier and consistent user experience. The last new update is the ability to label transactions. Labels allow the tagging of transactions across different categories.

We are still working on other updates and have many more features planned in our Roadmap.


  1. Net Worth released for beta users
  2. Income & Expense Report for beta users
  3. New menu layout
  4. New toolbar
  5. Labels for transactions
  6. New knowledge base articles
  7. We are still looking for an amazing Ruby on Rails developer
  8. Still so many more things we want improve and add

Net Worth released for beta users

We have just released our new Net Worth feature for our beta users. Net Worth allows you to track your overall financial value, including any assets or liabilities outside of your bank accounts. This means you can add assets like your house or vehicles, as well as loans linked to these assets or any other liabilities you have.

We have an overview of Net Worth in our knowledge base at

Net Worth

Income & Expense Statement for beta users

Beta users have another new feature they can try out. This is the Income & Expense report. It is similar to a Profit & Loss statement used for business accounting and is a simple list of your income and expenses by category, over a chosen time period.

If you want to try out the new features in beta, we have a knowledge base article at that explains how you can enable beta features. You can also go directly to to enable this setting for your account.

Income & Expense

New menu layout

You may have noticed a recent change to the menu. The update simplifies the menu, and allow us space to add new features. When you first login after this was implemented, you will be given a tour of the new menu. The tour will show you how you can find the pages that you are familiar with.

New menu

New toolbar

We have consolidated the main actions of each page into a toolbar above each page. This makes it easier to know where to find things. It also makes the experience more consistent as you move between the different pages.

Below is an example of how the Calendar has changed with the new toolbar.

Toolbar before

All the controls and actions from above, have been condensed into the toolbar below. The 3 different viewing modes of ‘History’, ‘Account’ and ‘Forecast’ have been changed to the single “Show actuals in history” checkbox.

Toolbar after

Labels for transactions

You can now add labels to transactions. Labels are a flexible way of tagging extra information to a transaction. You can add multiple label tags to a transaction and they can span across categories.

These will become more useful once we roll out the new ‘Bank Statements’ page with its improved search, for creating reports. Despite the limited use at the moment, we decided to let labelling start so that reporting released later is immediately useful.


New knowledge base articles

We keep adding to new articles to the knowledge base, so that it is easier for you to find the help you need.

We are still looking for an amazing Ruby on Rails developer

We are still searching for a great developer to join our awesome team. Do you want to help us make PocketSmith better with your spectacular Ruby on Rails skills? If so, check out our careers page at for more details.

Still so many more things we want improve and add

There are still so many things we want to improve and many more excellent features planned for addition. PocketSmith will continue progressing towards becoming the ultimate tool for managing your personal finances. Please make your voice heard over at our Feedback Forum - we’re finally getting through the backlog, so know that your votes aren’t going to waste!

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