Multi-factor Authentication field display improvements deployed
Blog post · 27 Mar, 2012

We have worked through a number of issues around how we process multi-factor authentication security information received from the Bank Feed service. After the recent release of being able to add multiple logins at one bank, it was found that the existing processes resulted in a jarring experience. The multi-factor security information forms were often being hidden before they were able to be completed.

The updates involve reworking how we deal with expiry of multi-factor security information forms, but the most obvious front-end change is the prevention of over-reloading of a bank’s information in the Feeds overlay.

Now when security information is received, the form will be inserted into the Feeds overlay without reloading all bank information. In addition, the bank will also not be reloaded following a completed request from the Bank Feed service if there is currently a security information form available for completion - for example after a successful refresh of another login at the same bank.

In summary, security forms will now always remain on display if they need to be completed, and each additional form received will be added to the relevant area without reloading all bank information.

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