More help, tweaked design, better preferences and improved Bank Feeds
Blog post · 24 Aug, 2012

Exactly a month since our last update! There have been a fair number of changes during the past 4 weeks, and below is a quick-fire screenshot summary of them.


  • 1 New Page Introductions and Help Menu
  • 2 New Widgets and Textured Feel
  • 3 Remembering if the Graph is Open or Closed
  • 4 Bank Feed Updates

New Page Introductions and Help Menu

We’re attempting to give a bit more help and information in the application, and provide quick-reference materials to learn from. While this wiki does an OK job at an in-depth level, broader reference material hasn’t previously been available.

Now you can get an Introduction and Help on each page using the pink lifebuoy on the right of the page, along with quick access to get in touch if you’re stuck. We’ll be improving on this moving forward, and also using these as entry points into more in-depth articles in the wiki.

Hovering over the pink lifebuoy on the right of the main pages will display a help menu relevant to that page.

An example of the introduction and help information available.

New Widgets and Textured Feel

Jason worked through about 4 widget designs in a couple of weeks, each better than the last. Now we’ve arrived here - nice and clean, they visually step to the back where they need to. After this last round of design updates, things are feeling a bit more tactile now.


Remembering if the Graph is Open or Closed

We now remember whether you’ve set the top graph to be open or closed on any particular page, permanently. Though not exciting unto itself, the new systems we have in place for this is an important step.

The next phase will be to remember the on-and-off status of each of your Calendars and Accounts in the widgets, and also allowing you to hide categories from your Personal Summary and Cashflows page. Stay tuned for more on these soon.

Bank Feed Updates

An important set of updates were released today, which enhances the managing of your bank feed connections. This new update:

  1. allows you to edit and update your credentials on a per-account-type basis
  2. provides more control over the individual account types you have connected
  3. allows individual refreshing and removal of individual account types
  4. clearer debugging information to help troubleshoot problems

There are a number of back-end changes that were rolled out with this update as well, which should make connections more reliable.

An example of the more detailed Connection Information in the Bank Feed overlay.

As always, we welcome your feedback, so do get in touch with your comments!

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