More flexible Cashflows and Personal Summary, updated mobile interfaces
Blog post · 14 Sep, 2012

The last few weeks have been busy for us here at PocketSmith. We’re currently finishing up an important and long-awaited feature which we will be releasing more information on soon. In the meantime we’ve a couple of smaller things to announce, with the introduction of better category controls for the Cashflows and Personal Summary sections and some user interface for PocketSmith mobile. Read on!

Hiding categories from Cashflows and Personal Summary

Sometimes it may not make sense to display all of your categories in your Cashflows and Personal Summary. Perhaps the category doesn’t affect your ongoing Cashflows, or it may not make sense to have a set budget against it - for example “Transfers” or “Withdrawal” categories.

Up until now, a merchant or transaction has been able to be set as a transfer, which prevents the associated debits or credits from being used in income and expense summaries overall. Because the Cashflows and Personal Summary areas are category based however, this approach doesn’t apply - extrapolating whether a Category contains transfer transactions is too error prone.

The solution is to allow a category to be removed from being displayed in the Cashflows or personal summary areas by clicking on an “ignore” icon which now appears when you hover over a category row, as shown below.

Hover over a row and clicking “ignore” in the Personal Summary or Cashflows pages will ignore that category. These can then be controlled from the Preferences area.

Once a category has been ignored for a particular page, it won’t appear in that page again - but you’re able to un-ignore the category by visiting your preferences area.

PocketSmith mobile user interface updates

The design and primary user interfaces of the PocketSmith mobile application has been updated. These focused on lifting thing visually, making key elements a but easier to use, and making assets retina-compatible as well. A few of the changes are shown below.

A couple of the updated screens from PocketSmith Mobile.

Stay tuned for the next feature announcement coming very soon!

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