Mobile app fixes and Personal Summary updates
Blog post · 21 Jun, 2012

Hard to believe it has been a month since our last post! There have been major updates to the Personal Summary and the reliability of PocketSmith Mobile has been improved. We’ve got some other important updates being released over the next week as well, with user interface cleanups and setting up for some restructuring and streamlining of the app - we’ll post here once these are live!

PocketSmith Mobile Fixes

Firstly, bugs with long-term mobile app use have been solved - if you get logged out for not having used the application for sometime, you’ll now be taken to the Login page as you should. Previously, HTML caching meant that you may get stuck on a page with no data displayed until you manually navigation to an uncached page, at which point you’d be taken to the login page.

We’ve also fixed up the application for “Private Browsing” mode in Mobile Safari, which would cause the HTML5 local storage of your data fail silently previously. Using PocketSmith Mobile in Private Browsing mode is not recommended however, as offline functionality will not work and performance will be impacted.

Current Budget progress bars changes

The current budget progress bars on the main Personal Summary page are now functionally the same as those in PocketSmith Mobile - spending adds up towards the final amount and then displays as red if over budget. This provides better visualizations of overspending in each category.

Current budget progress bars on the main Personal Summary page

Personal Summary for categories

Any category will display in the Personal Summary, featuring average based information on the front page. Previously, the Personal Summary would only work if a category had been added to the calendar as a Forecast Event.

Non forecast event category row in Personal Summary main page

Clicking on “Show details” takes you to an adjusted Personal Summary graph, showing your spending per time period compared to your average for all transactions found. Forecast Events can be quickly created from the category information displayed by clicking “Add to Calendar”.

Category-only Personal Summary graph, with time-period detail inset

As always, please get in touch with any feedback or comments!

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