Happy New Year, seeing out 2012 with the new Account Update email
Blog post · 29 Dec, 2012

Hope that you’ve all had a great start to the holidays! We’ve been working through the rebuild of a much-missed feature from PocketSmith version one - account updates sent via email. We’re happy to announce that we’ve now released the new version of this feature, which is more flexible and extensive than before. Read on for details!

Scheduled Account Update emails

You’re now able to schedule PocketSmith Account updates to be sent directly to your email address, by heading to Preferences > Email Notifications or clicking here. These updates can include as much or as little information as you’d like - use them as a reminder for your upcoming bills appearing in the calendar for the coming week, or receive your account balances and a listing of all your recent transactions.

Visit Preferences > Email Notifications or click here to set your Account Update email schedule.

These emails can be scheduled to be sent on any day, as many days a week at a time you’d like to receive them. Your schedule is checked daily and your latest account information is retrieved and sent via email when a scheduled account update time rolls around.

A full account update email. All text right now, graphs incoming!

As always we welcome your feedback on the new Account Update emails, just get in touch!

Many Thanks and Happy New Year!

We’ve had a fantastic 2012, and we’re extremely grateful to everyone - new customers who’ve joined us during our most exciting year yet, those who’ve been with us since the 12-month forecast limit days, and everyone else who’s reached out with words of support and encouragement.

The application has improved significantly this year based on your feedback, and we love being make managing money more insightful as we progress. We’re not slowing down however - this year we’ll be pushing through our development Roadmap and continuing to work through your feedback.

So, we wish you all the best for the New Year, and look forward to speaking with you soon!

~ the PocketSmith Team.

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