Google Federated Login introduced, login with one click
Blog post · 24 Jul, 2012

We’re pretty big fans of Google. Quite aside from search, we love their speedy browser Chrome and their nifty Web Store for web apps like ours (install our app here!).

And now, you can sign in to PocketSmith using your Google Account! If you’re a new user, this means you don’t need to create a separate PocketSmith account. For existing users, you get quicker logins, and still have the option of logging in via username and password.

Authenticating with Google Account is a start - we’re also looking at allowing your to sign-in via other authentication providers (e.g. Yahoo, Facebook etc). We’ll implement others based upon your requests - if you’d like support for another provider please let us know!

See here for more information about linking up to your Google account.

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