Goals area fixes and adjustments; MFA in days, HTML5 Mobile App in weeks
Blog post · 1 Feb, 2012

A few bits of news in this piece - the last two weeks of pushing away means we now have progress reports on two core features and the release of an overhaul of a third. Onwards!

Goal fixes and adjustments launched

The Goals system has required some attention since we launched v2; there were bugs present, and we weren’t entirely happy with the logic behind how a “contribution” to a goal worked.

This has now been re-written to be more logical, focussed, and aligned with the direction we’d like to take Goals. Below is a quick summary of the changes which have been made.

  1. Goals can be saved for by creating a regularly occurring Contribution and / or an Income Deduction, instead of just the old Income Deduction
  2. Editing these details in the Goal form into the future now conforms to strict logic.
  3. The income selection for an Income Deduction is now entirely title based. This means if you assign the Goal to deduct from “Salary”, every income in the calendar with “Salary” as the title will be deducted from, no matter if part of the same event series or not.
  4. Contributions and Deductions can now be edited directly in the calendar view like normal calendar events to allow one-off adjustments and fine-grained tweaks
  5. Logic around calculations and the association between a Contribution / Deduction and its Goal has been tightened up

Everyone’s existing Goals have been transferred to the new structure, so you won’t have to re-select your Income for the Deductions.

Multi-factor Authentication Update - public beta in days

The private alpha release of MFA is going well, however we have a number of essential changes and fixes to make before the public beta release.

We’re endeavoring to get all of these completed by next Monday the 6th of February at the latest, with a hoped-for target date of before Friday this week. We know that many of you have been waiting some weeks for multi-factor authentication support, and we thank you for your patience. We’ll post to the product update blog as soon as the public beta has been launched.

PocketSmith Mobile done properly - HTML5 mobile app alpha launch in weeks

We’ve fielded many, many requests for a mobile version of PocketSmith, for Android, iOS and other devices. As a small company, it is unrealistic to develop and support a native app for each platform - so for the moment, we’re not going to.

Instead, we’re going to push heavily in the direction of a unified, HTML5 mobile web app. Taking advantage of the latest mobile browsers and HTML5 means we’re able to give you an experience extremely close to that of a native app, in your mobile browser, with or without a connection to the internet.

We’ll release more details as things progress, however based on what we have been able to do so far - we’re all very excited!

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