Forecast Reload Notification System Update
Blog post · 29 Dec, 2011

The part of PocketSmith that deals with the reloading of your forecast has been re-built, based upon feedback. Some users have had intermittent communication problems with the third party notification service PocketSmith uses - when this happens, forecasts don’t appear to ever reload as the internet browser never gets notified that the forecast reload is complete.

We recognise our error in relying on a 3rd party service for a critical part of PocketSmith. Providing user feedback as soon as possible is paramount, and the previous system did not provide the best experience for all users.

All notifications around forecast reloading is now rebuilt to be in-house. While we continue to use the 3rd party notification service for longer running processes such as the Bank Feed Service, we don’t rely on any external connectivity or service for the reloading of your forecast.

The forecast reload process is snappier, and those users who have experienced issues due to being behind firewalls or other errors will now have their forecasts successfully reload without issue.

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