Forecast improvements and Account Summary screenshots
Blog post · 1 Nov, 2013

This week we’ve launched some improvements to forecasting in PocketSmith, and are also happy to be able to share some screenshots from the upcoming Account Summary.


  • 1 Forecast speed improvements
  • 2 Stop forecast auto-recalculating option
  • 3 Account Summary preview
  • 4 Beta tester update

Forecast speed improvements

We’ve made enhancements to the speed of forecast generation in PocketSmith. People with large accounts may see an improvements of up to 40% in the time it takes to load up your account, and for your forecast to reload after using the calendar.

The improvement will particularly noticable for users who have hundreds (if not thousands) of forecast events scheduled in their calendars.

Stop forecast auto-recalculating option

You can now stop the calendar from automatically recalculating your forecast when you add or edit an event in the calendar. Head to the Preferences screen (Profile menu in top-right > Preferences) and select the “Do not auto-recalculate forecast” checkbox.

The “Do not auto-recalculate forecast” checkboxes in the Preferences window

When this is checked and an event is added or edited from the calendar, a button will appear at the top of the calendar. This means you can continue to make your changes, and click “Recalculate forecast” button when you’re done to see your changes reflected in the calendar.

With this option selected, adding or editing an event will display the recalculation button

This feature will work well for people who use the forecast calendar heavily, who want to make a number of changes quickly without having to wait for the full forecast to recalculate after each change.

Account Summary preview

We have some screenshots of the new Account Summary feature () to share with you! These are taken directly from the app in our development environment. More information on launch and beta test timing after the screenshots.

The “All institutions” tab of the new Account Summary. Note the feed and credential info in the sidebar.

A specific institution tab. The “Manage Account” menu will provide quick access to all account-related features.

Credential addition and editing will be all managed from within the Account Summary.

Beta tester update

Though we’d hoped to have the Account Summary ready for our beta users a week ago, complications around ensuring that live feeds are able to be tested has delayed this. To ensure that everyone is able to use and test the beta Account Summary (with new feed management) thoroughly, we’ve needed to set up another instance of the Bank Feed service.

This phase will be completed over the weekend, and so we’re going to be releasing beta access and testing information to our (extremely patient) beta users around Tuesday next week.

Moving to the Account Summary sees changes in how your accounts and calendars are structured. We’ll be launching an informational page on all the changes mid next week (some details are in the Roadmap item at ). But for the moment we’ll leave you with a few screenshots of the migration interfaces that will set you up for the changes.

If you’re interested in being a beta user and haven’t gotten in touch, or if you have any questions, please let us know.

Adding institutions to existing accounts. These will automatically be added if the account is connected to a live feed

Instead of separate calendars and accounts, now an account has a “forecast” and “history”. This lets you link your existing forecast calendar to existing accounts, if you haven’t used the current linking feature.

A preview of the new Organize accounts page. This will let you shuffle around your “scenarios” (calendars) between your accounts, group accounts for display, and more.

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