Database server performance improvements
Blog post · 11 Jul, 2012

We’ve made some significant improvements to the database server’s response speeds over the past week, meaning you may notice that PocketSmith has become a bit snappier. On the whole, we’re seeing between a 30% and 80% improvement for requests to the database from the application server.

These improvements were made following investigating a gradual decline in response times. As we expanded v2 of the application - firstly with adding the Bank Feed service, and then in adding PocketSmith mobile, things were getting slower - particularly the response times from the database server.

The performance improvements were made through server consolidation and tuning of the database server, as well as reviewing our database backup processes.

We’ll continue to monitor everything to ensure that things remain snappy - in the meantime if you notice that any page is loading particuarly slowly for you, please get in touch and we’ll investigate.

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