Bank Feed Service in Public Beta, MFA Support Coming
Blog post · 8 Jan, 2012

The PocketSmith Bank Feed service is now available to all New Zealand and US users on an upgraded plan! This beta service allows transaction data to be streamed from your bank straight into PocketSmith, using industry leader Yodlee’s services to provide bank connectivity (). All you need to do to get searching is to click on the new “Feeds” button that appears on your “My Accounts” widget on the right-hand-side of the calendar and dashboards.

We consider this to be the public beta of the Bank Feed service. It has been a long road to get to this stage, and development still continues on issues and oddities that crop up. As things are adjusted and fixed, we’ll be updating this product blog - also check out the “Bank Feed Status” tab in the Feeds overlay. As issues are resolved, and others identified, they will be noted in this area.

Multi-factor Authentication Support

At the moment we only support those institutions that use a simple username / password combination for logins. If you log into your financial institution and are then asked security questions or to enter a token code or similar, then you will not be to authenticate at the moment. Support for MFA is expected to be launched in February 2012, however we do have a list of beta-users for this feature that we’re curating.

Note that many institutions - particularly large ones such as the Bank of America, allow special access to our data provider. So be sure to search for your institution, even if you know they use multi-factor authentication.

And thanks to you all!

We’d like to thank all of our users who have supported over the past 3 years, especially those who made bank feeds possible through choosing an upgraded plan. Without the support of all of our paying users, no-one would be able to access bank feeds. Thank you all so much for your kind words, support and patience as we reached this critical milestone for PocketSmith.

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