Bank Feed Account Number Dependency Update
Blog post · 28 Dec, 2011

The PocketSmith Bank Feed service was updated today with a new method of detecting valid accounts from the information given by our data provider.

Until now we’ve relied upon a unique account number being provided, and the Bank Feed Service would select accounts as “valid” based on this account number - taking only the first account that appears. Unfortunately in the real world this meant that some actual accounts were incorrectly ignored. We now use the given account id provided verbatim meaning no accounts are skipped.

This does mean that some users will have duplicate accounts showing in their Feeds overlay, most frequently in places where our data provider is not yet well established (e.g. Westpac in New Zealand exhibits this issue). If you encounter multiple accounts, you are able to:

  1. create all accounts from the Feeds overlay, and verify which ones function correctly
  2. if they all have transactions appear, unassign / delete accounts which appear further down the list
  3. if only some of them have transactions, delete the ones that do not have any

Although the duplicate account situation outlined above is not ideal, we feel that it is better to display all possible information given to us by our data provider.

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