Balance Updates for Bank Feeds and Transaction Accounts
Blog post · 12 Jan, 2012

We’ve implemented some updates relating to balances for actual transactions, adding new functionality and fixing a bug in the bank feed service. In summary:

  1. The balance date for a Transaction Account can now be set along with balance amount, enabling accurate adjustments and work-arounds for transactional data oddities
  2. Balances from the bank feed service can be selected and applied to linked accounts from the Feeds overlay
  3. The balance will no longer be force-reset after an update from the bank feed service.

More details on each of these changes can be found below.

Transaction Account balance setting updates

More complete control has been provided in the main Edit Transaction Account form (My Accounts widget > Manage > Edit), and the logic which processes changes in balances has been extended and enhanced for flexibility.

The balance date can now be changed as well the amount, which allows adjustments to be made to account for any range of situations. Balances will be adjusted by the difference found between the old and new end-of-day balances for the date in question.

This feature can be used when transactions are not cleared for a few days - you can set a known balance as at a particular date, or if a balance adjustment is required due to repayment of an overdraft.

Bank Feed balance updates

Firstly, a bug was fixed where using the “Update account” button would reset the balances of the Transaction Account associated with a bank feed account. This has now been fixed, and balances will now remain stable throughout bank feed updates, and will only be adjusted when you do so, manually.

Secondly, synced and linked bank feed accounts are able to have their balances set from the Feeds overlay, utilising any of the balances which are available for that account from the bank feed service. You can read more about this feature on the page for Setting your account balance from the Bank Feed service.

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