Annual subscriptions, feelings, Bank Statements alpha and other updates
Blog post · 26 May, 2014

In the last couple of weeks we have been working hard on improving PocketSmith. We are getting closer to releasing the updated ‘Bank Statements’ page and we have had some users help us in testing it. We have received some good feedback during testing which has really helped us. Do you want to give it a try as well? Find out how below.

We aren’t just working on the new ‘Bank Statements’ page, we have also released the updates below over the past couple of weeks.


  1. We now have annual plans
  2. Now you can let us know how you feel
  3. The primary scenario and account name for a grouped account, are now independent of the name of the group
  4. Very soon: choose the forecast scenario balance as the main balance
  5. Try the new bank statements page
  6. Still many more things to come

We now have annual plans

If you want to pay your PocketSmith subscription annually, instead of monthly or quarterly, you now can. Paying annually will give you a substantial discount over paying month-to-month, you save 24% on the Premium plan and 29% on the Super plan. Find out more about our subscription plans at

Now you can let us know how you feel

Many of you may have already noticed this addition over the last couple of days. We have definitely noticed - thanks to all the great feedback we have received. All this feedback has been from the newly implemented satisfaction widget.

This widget allows you to tell us how you feel about PocketSmith and if you want, you can leave us a comment. It will pop up every now and again when you are using the application, but won’t be too intrusive. You can also find it any time from the profile menu; just click “How Are You Feeling?” to send us your rating.

The primary scenario and account name for a grouped account, are now independent of the name of the group

We have improved how naming works for grouped accounts. The name for the group of accounts can now be set independently of the name of the primary account and scenario, if you so choose. Just access the “Account Preferences” panel for your grouped account, and you’ll be able to adjust the primary account and scenario separately by following the instructions there.

We have also enhanced how account ungrouping works. Previously when accounts were ungrouped, scenarios were left within the original grouped account, even if the scenario was named exactly the same as the newly ungrouped account. Now when you ungroup accounts, any scenarios with the same name as the account you’re ungrouping will be moved along with the account.

Very soon: choose the forecast scenario balance as the main balance

Many of our customers use PocketSmith solely for it’s forecasting features, with the calendar. Changes made at the end of last year around account balances, can make using only the forecast abilities a little bit harder than it needs to be. With the above release, this will become a thing of the past.

Soon, there will be an option available if you have a scenario only account, and you want the account balance to reflect the current balance on your forecast calendar. This option will also be available for bank file and Live Feed accounts.

We’re in the final testing stages of this feature internally, and we expect that it to released in the next few days.

Try out the new Bank Statements page

If you want to try the new Bank Statements page and updated search features, you can try it on our alpha version at and sign in with your current account details. The data within the alpha version of PocketSmith is a snapshot taken from the main database, and is separate from the production version. Any changes you make will not be carried over to the main PocketSmith application.

You can find out more about the new search with the knowledge base article at Please let us know here if you have any feedback about the new bank statements search.

Still many more things to come

The updated ‘Bank Statements’ page will be here shortly, plus we still have many more things planned and on our roadmap.

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