Alert adjustments and time zone bug fixed
Blog post · 21 Mar, 2012

Some minor changes have been deployed which affect how alerts display on the Dashboard, and how the scenario minimum balance functions. In addition, a time zone bug was identified and fixed with the displaying of the budget event period start and end dates.

Read on for more information on these changes.

Critical alerts now displayed on Dashboard by default

Critical alerts will now always display on your Dashboard by default. Previously, all alerts were hidden from the initial view, and the “Critical” menu item to the right of the “Alerts” title bar that appears at the top of the Dashboard had to be clicked for the alerts to be shown.

Now, any critical alerts will be the first thing that you are displayed at the top of your Dashboard. Other alert types will still be hidden by default.

Calendar minimum balance feature adjustment

The scenario minimum balance alert has been changed to only alert for when the minimum balance level is reached from today onwards. Previously we displayed the first alert of the month, even if that first alert was before today. Being alerted about reaching the minimum balance at the start of the month doesn’t make logical sense, when only today forward matters with respect to this feature.

Time zone / budget event period bug fixed

A time zone bug in the calculation of budget event periods has been deployed.

We had been erroneously displaying start and end dates that were being calculated with respect to the server time (New Zealand standard time), instead of the user’s local time zone. This meant that in some time zones, the current event period would be considered as ended, although it was only scheduled to end today.

The event period start and end dates will now adhere strictly to the user’s set time zone - if you notice any discrepancies with this, please get in touch.

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